Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Similarities: Silver Holographics

Hi guys!  I'm starting (or hoping to) a weekly segment to my blog called "Sunday Similarities" for comparing possible dupes.  When I did my last giveaway, I had a lot of suggestions for more comparison posts, as well as tutorials.  Tutorials take a bit more time though, so I'm starting with comparisons and I'm hoping to add more tutorials in the future.  I hope you all will enjoy these post and I'd happy to hear suggestions for comparisons.   You can send suggestions to or message me on Facebook :)  Now, on to my very first Sunday Similarities post!

I was lucky enough to review a few polishes from Naild'It Unique Polish a few weeks ago (you can see my review here) and I thought then that Silver Dollar Hollar looked like a dupe for Julep's Rebel. Then a couple of weeks ago, I picked up China Glaze's Cosmic Dust at a Sally's half off of clearance sale and decided to throw that in the mix.  Let's take a gander at how they all stack up to each other.

 Index finger: Julep Rebel
Middle and ring fingers: Naild'It Unique Polish Silver Dollar Hollar
Pinky finger: China Glaze Cosmic Dust

This first photo shows three coats of all three polishes without top coat.  All three dry to a semi-matte finish on their own and they all have a subtle linear holographic effect.  

The second photo is with top coat, which I think brings out the holographic a bit more.  As you can tell, Cosmic Dust is definitely darker than the other two.  Its holographic effect is also a bit stronger.  Rebel and Silver Dollar Hollar are pretty similar to each other, I'd call them dupes even though SDH is a shade darker.  Rebel's glitter bits are also a tad larger than SDH's so it has a grainier appearance on the nail but the finish, color, and holographic effect are enough to say that you probably don't need both.

Rebel can be found on Julep's website for $14 for an 8ml bottle.  If you happen to be a Maven, you'll get a discount and have access to special discounts throughout the month.  I can't recommend Julep's subscription program at the moment, I'm considering cancelling mine.  The bottles are just so small. For comparison, Silver Dollar Hollar can be found on Naild'It Unique Polish's etsy store for $11 for a 15ml bottle.  Quite a difference!  Cosmic Dust isn't available in stores any more, I don't think, unless you run into a Sally's that has random stock like I did.  But if you google it, you can find it online for around $6.

I'd love any feedback you all are willing to give about these comparison posts!  I hope you enjoyed the first one and will continue to enjoy them in the future!  Thanks so much for reading :)


  1. Cosmic Dust really stands out. Thanks for the post! <3

    1. It's my favorite of the three, Lena. I like the other two, but the more holo the better for me lol Thanks!

  2. I like Rebel a LOT, but when I read that it was a Julep...I'll pass. Cosmic Dust looks a little bit metallic in the photos, which I like too. Nice comparison - all the polishes are pretty easily accessible to people. I hate seeing comparison posts on polish that I either can't get regionally, or can't get financially!
    Keep doing more please!


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