Sunday, November 3, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Northern Star Polish Glittering Charade & Yummy Plummy plus Super Elf Cuticle Oil

*Products received for honest and unbiased review.*

Hello all!  We're back around to Sunday already...I hope everyone remembered the time change.  That extra hour is always nice, but the flip side is that it's not even 6 PM here in Chicago and it's practically night out.  Oh well, to everything its season, right?  

On to the goodies I have today!  I've got a new-to-me brand, though I've been stalking their etsy store for awhile.  Northern Star Polish is an indie brand made in St. Paul, MN by the lovely Kristin.  I was lucky enough to receive a cuticle oil and 2 polishes from her upcoming winter collection to review, so let's get started!

First up, I'd like to talk about the Super Elf cuticle oil.  I'm always in the market for a good oil that will keep my cuticles looking nice, especially during the fall and winter months.  I've been using Super Elf for about a week now and I've definitely noticed a different, especially when it comes to editing photos.  Seriously, if you take pics of your nails often you'll know that while everything looks nice and smooth to your eye, the second that macro shot comes up on your screen, your cuticles look like sandpaper! Super Elf has done a great job moisturizing and smoothing out my rough edges.

Not only does Super Elf do the trick as a moisturizing agent, the scent is amazing!  It's Christmas in a bottle, people!  Kristin describes it as "a special seasonal scent of candy canes & bubbly sugar sweetness".  The second I got a whiff of it, I was transported back to sitting in front of our tree at my Mom's house, with sugar cookies baking in the oven...watching those twinkling lights blink on the tree.  The only complaint I have about this oil is that my tube is a little leaky.  It's entirely possible that it's just my bottle but I felt I should mention it anyway.  As far as the product itself goes though, I'm definitely digging Super Elf!

Now for the polish!  Glittering Charade is the perfect complement to the scent of Super Elf, because it looks like a Christmas tree in a bottle!  A green jelly packed with bright green and teal matte glitters in different sizes and a healthy sprinkling of holographic micro glitter, GC blinks, twinkles, and winks on your nails like holiday lights!  For some reason my camera picked up more of the blue tones in this polish,  so in real life it's more of a true green.

GC is quite sheer (I'm showing 5 coats here with no top coat) so you may want to use undies with it, but if you have the patience to let several coats dry, the final result is stunning!  Sparkle, sparkle and crazy depth!

You can see in the macro shot above that I still had a bit of visible nail line, but the sparkly nature of GC made me not really mind it.  I also think this has got some great jelly sandwich possibilities, maybe with some silver or gold glitter sandwiched between layers?  I love versatility in a polish!

Yummy Plummy is the second polish I have to show you today.  YP is purple-leaning-toward-fuchsia jelly with a linear holographic effect.  The color is just lovely.  I mean, purple with holographic?  You had me at hello!

Like Glittering Charade, YP is very sheer.  I'm showing 5 coats again with no top coat so, if you're not into patiently waiting on drying layers of polish, undies would be a good call.  That said, the dry is time quick with thin layers, so I didn't mind the wait.  The formula is good, a little spotty on the first coat but filled in with the next layers. 

Mmm...macro!  Seriously gorgeous polish here, folks!  The linear holographic is subtle in indoor lighting but really takes off in sunlight which is typical.  Again, I can't wait to layer this with some glitter for a sandwich cuz I imagine it'll look awesome!

Overall, I'm loving Northern Star Polish.  The formulas are great and the finish is super shiny even with no top coat.  Kristin has done some great work here and I look forward to seeing the rest of her winter collection!  The collection releases on 11/4 (which I just realized is tomorrow!) and will be available on etsy.  I don't have specific pricing on these products, but currently her cuticle oils retail for $3 for a 10ml bottle and the polishes are listed at $5.50 for a 9ml bottle and $8.50 for a 15ml.  You can follow Northern Star Polish on Facebook to keep up with new releases and updates!

*Products received for honest and unbiased review.*

Thanks so much for reading!

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