Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Spellbound Nails Unholy Holo

*I have to preface this whole review with the sad news that Ashley, the owner of Spellbound Nails, has had a death in her family recently and has had to close her stores for an uncertain period of time. My sympathies are with her and her loved ones during this sad time.  I had already planned this post before I heard the news, so I'm continuing forward with it, but just be aware that currently her polishes are unavailable.  Be sure to follow her Facebook page for updates.*

Happy Halloween everyone!  I wish everybody a fun and safe holiday, even those who don't celebrate it.  I have a lovely polish to share with you all this evening.  A few weeks ago when I was shopping around for my giveaway, I discovered Spellbound Nails' Halloween Collection and just knew I had to have at least one!  I ended up getting 3 minis, 2 of which ended up in the giveaway (congrats to the lucky ladies who won them, I had a hard time letting them go!), and the third I kept for me!  I think you'll see why here in a second...

Ta Da!  I give you Unholy Holo, a thermal color-changing polish with a lovely scattered holographic effect.  Oh yeah, ALL of that in one polish!  I decided to display the photos as a sort of time-lapse, transitional way.  At room temp, UH is a gorgeous caramel-toned orange which shifts to a pistachio green when it warms up (and yes, I realize that my photos are going the wrong direction, but I'm too tired to fix it now!). The color shift is very reminiscent of a caramel apple for me, which is a nice touch for a fall polish.

This is my first thermal polish so, understandably, I was skeptical.  I tried to warm the bottle enough to get the polish to change in the bottle which didn't work.  So, I was all like "damn!  it's broken!...guess I better try it on my nails."  I wore it for 2 days and played with it the whole time lol  Seriously, any chance I got to stick my hand in cold water, I was there!  I took about 400 pics of this I think, because it's just so nifty!  Anyway, color me impressed ;)

I don't think I can stress enough how beautiful this polish is!  The macros don't hardly do it justice and, as the sun refuses to shine in Chicago, I couldn't get sunlight shots but I hope you get an idea of the pretty.  Formula-wise, UH was great.  Opaque in 3 coats, dries to a semi-matte finish but shines right up with a top coat (I used Seche Vite here).  If you get a chance to snag this one, you definitely should!  Ashley has several affordable mini bottle options (my set of 3 cost $13.50) as well as offering the polishes in full-size on their own or in collections. 

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. I honestly have no idea what the status of shipping is for her. I know, according to facebook, that she was trying to ship everything that had already been ordered, but she's not currently taking new orders. If you don't already follow her on FB, I'd suggest you do that to get the latest updates. I'm sorry to show you guys something that's not currently available, but it was just too pretty not to share! Thanks, Lena!

    2. Store is open again now :D This is a fab review - love the pictures.

  2. Thank you so much for the amazingly lovely review!! I am back up and shipping again, with Halloween polishes on sale for those wondering. :)


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