Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, It Got Away from Me, Yeah…Women of Doctor Who Subset Collection Sampler

*Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer products supplied for honest and unbiased review.  All other products mentioned were purchased by me*

Hi everyone!  Check me out...two posts within mere days of each other!  I can't help it; these lovely indie makers keep sending me gorgeous things to swatch that I simply must share with you!  

Today's post includes some swatches of two upcoming Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer polishes.  BEGL is a brand I've wanted to try for a long time, but never had a chance to so I'm thrilled to bring you these two polishes today!  Both of these polishes are from BEGL's It Got Away from Me, Yeah... Collection, a 15 (!) polish collection inspired by Doctor Who.  The collection name seems somewhat appropriate as Julie began with a 6 polish set and it kind of snowballed from there lol  Since there are so many polishes in this collection, she's divided them up into subsets and the first set that will be released is the Women of Doctor Who and both of the polishes in this post are from that set.

I'm Dr. Martha Jones. Who the Hell Are You? is, as you may have surmised, inspired by the character Martha Jones.  I must admit I don't watch Doctor Who (though I know I should...there aren't enough hours in the day!), so I really can't offer any insight into Julie's inspiration.  But, I can tell you that IDMJWtHAY is a bright fuchsia creme that dries to a satin finish.  That lovely sheen you're seeing in the photos are the light-reflecting, shifty flecks in the polish...a beautiful touch that causes flashes of green, blue, and gold.

This is the second polish in a week that has me rethinking my dislike of matte finishes (excepting matte those!).  I've never been a huge fan of this particular finish, but there's something about the smooth finish here that I can't help but love! And the glass flecks in IDMJWtHAY give it a faux flakie feel.  The formula was very easy here (I'm showing 3 flawless coats here) with no dragging or other nasties to worry about.  

The beauty of a satin or matte finish polish is that you can get a separate look out of them simply by adding top coat.  Which I did in the photo below.

 One coat of Seche Vite deepens the color a bit and, of course, pumps up the shine.  If you're in the market for a bright polish with a unique finish and plenty of versatility, I urge you to give IDMJWtHAY a go!

Next up is A Snogging Booth?, a lightly textured, red and black, full coverage microglitter polish with a pop of holographic glitter.  This was a pain to photograph, but I loved the polish!  The texture kept throwing my camera into a tizzy, but hopefully I've managed a few decent shots so you can get an idea of the fun going on here.  Textured polishes can be...well...they can just look gross sometimes.  This is not the case with A Snogging Booth?.  The texture is a bit less than the Zoya PixieDust polishes, but is still evident on the nail...sort of a fine sandpaper sort of a finish.  The holographic bits give it a lovely shimmer as well.

I wore this in 3 coats, though in hindsight, I think I might have preferred 2.  The coverage is great, but the glitter is very dense so it will pile up quickly and give some uneven edges if you try to use thick coats.  It's not enough of an issue to bother me but you may want to be aware that it's just a touch finicky (as I think many textured polishes are).

Since we're dealing with a matte-like finish again, I decided to top coat A Snogging Booth? to see what it would look like.

Much like the aforementioned PixieDusts, A Snogging Booth? with top coat is a whole different beautiful animal!  Another polish with two looks in one bottle...gotta love it!

The Women of Doctor Who collection goes on sale starting Sunday, September 21, at 3:30 PM, EDT.  Both of these polishes will retail for $8.50 for a full size bottle.  Be on the look out for the next Doctor Who release coming in October with the third installment in November.  All of the Doctor Who polishes will be available through November after which they will be if you see something you like, don't wait!  Be sure to follow Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer on Facebook for information on collaborations (like her same-day-release Disney Duo collab with Sweetheart Polish!), upcoming release dates, and other important stuff! You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Pretty & Polished, Fall Collection & It's Funnier in Enochian Collection Sampler (Photo Heavy)

*Pretty & Polished products provided for honest and unbiased review. All other products mentioned were purchased by me*

Hello, hello!  I hope everyone is ready for autumn because the indie Fall Collections are starting hit the virtual shelves and there's a lot to love!  I was fortunate to get to swatch from not one but THREE upcoming Pretty & Polished collections and I'll be showing you polishes from two of those collections today.  Both P&P's Fall 2014 Collection and their Supernatural-inspired collection, It's Funnier in Enochian, are currently available for purchase on their site and I'm sure you'll love them all so let's check out some swatches!

I Can Quit Anytime I Want is a polish from the 5-polish collection It's Funnier in Enochian.  I used to watch Supernatural forever ago but I went several years without cable TV and just never got back into it.  That said, it was always entertaining and great for the eye candy!  ICQAIW is a deep, deep brick red jelly (it looked like espresso in the bottle) that dries to a velvety matte finish.  I was very surprised by how much I loved the finish on this one as I don't generally care for mattes (unless there's glitter involved).  However, ICQAIW's finish is so perfect I can't help but love it!

I'm showing 4 coats of ICQAIW in these photos; it is quite sheer and because of that, it's going to be great for layering, jelly sandwiches (as you'll see in a few moments), and leadlighting.  The formula is just about flawless, although my bottle did have a little bit of pigment that was unmixed.  A good shake fixed that problem though and it did not affect my finished swatches at all.  Additionally, because of the matte finish, there's almost no drying time to worry about...bonus!

I mentioned earlier that the versatility of this polish is great, check out the photos below!

I decided to add a coat of Seche Vite to ICQAIW in the photo on the left.  It really brings out that jelly squishiness that we all love so much.  Then, of course, I had to do a jelly sandwich!  I added on coat of Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer's Wedded Bliss and then one coat of ICQAIW with a final coat of SV on top.  Beautiful!  I Can Quit Anytime I Want is available on the Pretty & Polish website for $8 for a full size bottle. This is a beautiful polish, with a lot of versatility and you definitely don't want to miss it!

Take the Long Way Home is the first of the Fall 2014 Collection polishes I have to show you.  An eye-catching gold glitter, TtLWH is greatly changed by light variation.  In bright light, it's a sunny, vivid gold, but takes on an antiqued, burnished color in the shade.  You'll definitely want to check out all the listing swatches on this one to see how much difference the light makes!

TtLWH is fully opaque in 2-3 coats (I'm showing 3 here with one coat of Seche Vite). I always worry that full coverage glitters will be an issue, but TtLWH has a great formula; not too thick or gloppy. Application was a breeze!

Gold is a big color for the fall collections this year (this is the second one I've swatched for the season already) and Take the Long Way Home is a great polish, if you need a full coverage gold glitter to add to your stash!

There is S'more to Life is a crelly glitter polish and I love it!  The inspiration and this polish match up so well!  The creamy, almost white base is the marshmallow with the golden caramel hexes as the graham crackers and deep, chocolate glitters as the Hersey's bar (because it's not really a S'more with a Hersey bar!)...and the total is greater than the sum of its parts, just like the original!

I wore TiStL in 3 coats with one coat of Seche Vite to smooth out any rough glitter bits (not that there were many).  Application was easy, with little to no fishing for glitters.  Just a great polish with a lovely visual payoff!

In addition to being a dead on dupe for its inspiration, There is S'more to Life is perfect for autumn.  The sparkle of gold from the glitter gives it a touch of sophistication that will have you sighing every time you catch a glance of it!  

Last and my favorite of this set is Ninjas Hate Crunchy Leaves...makes sense, right? ;)  This bright glitter topper consists of autumnal-hued glitters in varying sizes.  It's like Vermont in the fall in a bottle! 

NHCL is packed with glitter so I had no trouble getting a good distribution onto my nails.  I chose to show this polish over a candy corn inspired gradient (comprised of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Wet 'n' Wild in Cursed and Get Lucky) because I'm totally jonesing for Halloween already lol  It turned out to be the perfect way to show off this colorful topper, doncha think?  So much fun!

The Fall 2014 Collection is currently available on the Pretty & Polished website and each of these polishes retail for $8.50 for a full size bottle.  Be sure to follow P&P on Facebook as well to keep updated on new releases, sales, and other important info!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Indie Spotlight: LynBDesigns The Fault in Our Stars Collection Part 2

*LynBDesigns products provided for honest and unbiased review.  All other products were purchased by me*

Hello, everyone! We've had a lovely cool shift in weather and it's starting to really feel like fall in Chicago.  I know I should be worried that it means winter is just around the corner, but I love autumn so much I just can't care at the moment :)

On to the polish! I promised earlier in the week that I'd have the second half of LynBDesigns The Fault in Our Stars collection to share with you and here they are! (If you'd like a refresher over the first 3 gorgeous shades in this collection, you can see my swatches here.)

An olive-toned antique gold with a hint of pink shimmer, Tasting the Stars kind of snuck up on me.  I wasn't expecting to love it so much just looking at it in the bottle, but once I got it on my nails I didn't want to take it off!  I won't lie; this color is probably not for everyone but to me, it's a gorgeous, sophisticated color (and perfect for fall as well!).

Tasting the Stars was easy to apply and is opaque on its own in 2-3 coats (I'm showing 3 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite here).  Jenna (LynBDesigns creator) mentioned that this would also look great over black, and I'm pretty sure she's right.  I'll definitely be giving it a try!  No application issues here, just a smooth easy finish.

If you're a sucker for fall colors, be sure to snag Tasting the Stars for your stash.  You won't regret it (I hear crunchy leaves in my head every time I look at it)!

Wish Granting Factory is up next.  In the bottle, this polish looked bronze-y orange but, once I applied it, I discovered a lovely plummy jelly brimming with holographic flash and golden shimmer. 

Opaque in 2-3 coats (I'm wearing 3 with 1 coat of Seche Vite), Wish Granting Factory has a smooth, easy to apply formula.  I wore this polish for about 3 days with little to no tip wear, so durability isn't an issue.

Wish Granting Factory is another shade that will be perfect for fall, the wine-hued base practically screams autumn.  It's another favorite of mine from this set (I seem to have a lot of those)!

Ok, I'm going to gush a bit. Our Little Infinity is by far and away my absolute favorite in this collection and is definitely in my Top 5 favorites of all time.  Not only is it purple, it's a shifter with holographic's like Jenna reached into my brain and made this one just for me! A royal blue to rich plum multichrome with flashes of gold and pink, Our Little Infinity is nothing short of spectacular.  It's like a purple disco ball when the sunlight hits it and the shift in lower light is a vision.  Our Little Infinity seems to glow and its distractability factor is off the charts!  I'm thankful I don't drive when I wear this one...I can barely tear my eyes away from it!

*sigh*...I mean, just LOOK. AT. IT!  In addition to her spellbinding good looks, Our Little Infinity has a beautifully smooth formula, though you might need an extra coat for full opacity.  I'm showing 4 thin coats with a coat of Seche Vite in these photos.  I wore this for 3 days on 2 separate occasions and had almost no visible wear.  It's the perfect polish, I swear!

I did my best to capture the gorgeousness of Our Little Infinity, I hope you'll realize how special this one is because if you love purple and sparkly and NEED this polish!

The Fault in Our Stars collection will be available on the LynBDesigns Etsy site on Friday, Sept. 19.  Tasting the Stars and Wish Granting Factory will each retail for $8 for a full size bottle with Our Little Infinity at $12.  I highly recommend following LynBDesigns on Facebook to keep updated on new releases, sales, and giveaways.  Jenna recently started a fan group on Facebook as well called LynB Loves.  Joining it will gain you access to sneak peeks and other great perks (like pre-order discounts!), so you might want to consider that, too. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Indie Spotlight: LynBDesigns The Fault in Our Stars Collection Part 1

*LynBDesigns products supplied for honest and unbiased review.  All other products mentioned were purchased by me*

Hello, hello!  I hope everyone has had a great weekend!  My Wildcats pulled out a heart-stopping (I don't call them the Cardiac 'Cats for nothing) win over Iowa State on Saturday so all is well in my world :)  But we're here to talk about nail polish so I shan't bore you with football any more!

A few weeks ago, Jenna from LynBDesigns asked me to swatch her September collection which is inspired by The Fault in Our Stars.  Jenna consistently puts out a quality polish and hers are some of my all time favorite indie polishes so of course I said "yes!" immediately. Even though I've neither read the book nor seen the movie, I feel like polish transcends its inspiration often enough that you don't really need to have intimate knowledge of that inspiration to appreciate it.  However, I imagine that many of you will love this one for the connection to the book.  I'll be showing you 3 polishes out of the 6-polish collection today.

First up is Time Slut.  I love the name of this polish even though I have no idea what the reference is lol  Time Slut is a pale lavender metallic polish with a subtle bit of electric blue to violet flash that grabs the light beautifully.  I must have autumn on the brain because this polish just reminds me of a cashmere sweater...something about the color is so cozy!

I'm wearing 3 coats of Time Slut with one coat of Seche Vite in these photos.   This polish has a great formula and I had no troubles with it at all.  Since Jenna sent these to me with plenty of testing time, I am also able to tell you that I wore this polish for 3 days with just a touch of tip wear so durability is also great!

Metallics typically aren't my favorite finish for a polish; they tend to be finicky to apply and can look streaky and uneven.  Time Slut does not fall into that category.  Easy application and a gorgeous color make it stand out from the pack.  

Zeno's Tortoise Paradox is the only crelly glitter polish in the bunch and the next up for review.  A pistachio-leaning green crelly base chock full of blue, white, green, and pink glitters in hexes and squares, ZTP is colorful and eye-catching.  ZTP reads as a springtime polish to me, the green base and pastel glitters feel appropriate to the growing season and I can definitely see myself pulling it out of the stash come April for a fresh Spring mani.

Again I'm showing 3 coats here and you'll most likely need a top coat (1 coat of Seche Vite shown here) just to smooth the larger glitters out a bit.  The opacity is good here and I probably could have gotten away with 2 coats.  No dragging or streaking and very little glitter-fishing at all.  Just a great formula!

I always love a good crelly polish and Jenna really has a knack for coming up with unique color combos.  Zeno's Tortoise Paradox is a fun polish and, if you're a fan of the crelly, you'll definitely want to grab it for your stash! 

Okay? Okay is the only holographic polish in the collection and is one of my favorites of the set.  Seriously, you add anything holographic to anything blue and you've got a winner!  A sky-blue creme scattered holographic with a subtle pink shimmer, Okay? Okay is breath-taking!  This one reminds me of crisp autumn skies and that little nip in the air that tells you some glorious fall days are on their way.

Opaque in 2-3 flawlessly smooth coats, I had no issues with application.  Durability was also an A+ with almost no tip wear after 3 days (with 1 coat of Seche Vite).  If you're looking for stunning blue polish to add to your collection, Okay? Okay is just the ticket!

The Fault in Our Stars collection will be available on the LynBDesigns Etsy site on Friday, Sept. 19.  Okay? Okay will retail for $10 for a full size bottle with Time Slut and Zeno's Tortoise Paradox at $8 each.  I highly recommend following LynBDesigns on Facebook to keep updated on new releases, sales, and giveaways.  Jenna recently started a fan group on Facebook as well called LynB Loves.  Joining it will gain you access to sneak peeks and other great perks (like pre-order discounts!), so you might want to consider that, too.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you'll tune in later this week for swatches of the second half of The Fault in Our Stars collection...there's a polish in the second bunch that will blow your mind, especially if you love purple, and duochromes, and holographic won't want to miss it!  Thanks so much for reading!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Spellbound Nails, Bully For You & Bear Down Duo

*Spellbound Nails products provided for honest and unbiased review.  All other products mentioned were purchased by me.*

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I hope you're having a nice holiday if you're in the States.  It's been a relaxing long weekend for me and I'm really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow lol  I've got some fun polishes to show today from Spellbound Nails.  Ashley, the mastermind behind the brand, created and is donating some polishes to the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue's Bully Bash, which is scheduled for October 4, 2014 from 11 AM to 6 PM (CST).  These polishes will be put up for silent auction to help raise some fund for the rescue and the wonderful work they do.  Additionally, Ashely will be donating $2 per each bottle of these polishes sold to's always great to get a lovely polish whilst doing good for the dogs!  

There are three polishes included in this fundraiser and I have swatches of all of them to show you guys so let's get to it!

Bully For You is a bright, lime green jelly with a unique fuchsia shimmer and flakie shards.  This polish is on the sheer side, so I've shown it alone in 4 coats on my thumb, index and pinky nails, in 1 coat over 2 coats of Sinful Colors Olympia, and in 2 coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black.  Bully For You is a very versatile polish with tons of layering possibilities! 

I chose to show you a macro of this over black so you could really see the interesting shimmer this polish.  It just adds something a little extra...and really, who doesn't dig a little flakie action?!  The formula was great here, easy to apply and no dragging or streaking.

Even if a lime green polish isn't your favorite, you may want to give Bully For You a shot.  That shimmer is just such a great touch and the layering possibilities will give you more options than just plain green.

Up next is the first half of the Bear Down Duo, #1 Fan.  Bear Down is the name of the Chicago Bears fight song...which surprised me when I moved here because I didn't realize NFL teams even had fight songs lol   I've always liked the Bears (which is a huge accomplishment for them because I despise many, many NFL teams for various reasons) but since moving here, I've become a fan.  I'll clam up on the football speak and get back to polish!

#1 Fan is a dark navy with a beautiful blue shimmer.  Navy can sometimes be a bit drab, but the base of this not only matches the Bears' navy perfectly, it's the perfect background for the shimmer! I'm showing 3 coats here with a coat of Seche Vite. The formula was a little tricky on this one for me as it was kind of thick out of the bottle.  I added a few drops of polish thinner and that really helped.  It was a bit streaky on the first coat for me, but evened out nicely by the second coat.  I should also mention that it was fairly warm out when Ashley shipped these to me, so that may have more to do with the thickness than anything.  Summer is just not a great time for shipping polish :(

   Even with my bottle being tricky, I love the color!  I'm sucker for a beautiful blue and #1 Fan certainly fits the bill!

Da Bears is the second half of the Bear Down Duo.  A glitter topper comprised of different sizes of orange and white glitter, Da Bears is easily my favorite of these three.  The color is perfect not only for the Bears, but for summer, fall, and would make a great addition to a manicure themed by my favorite holiday, Halloween! 

I decided to apply Da Bears over a gradient of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and NYC Times Square Tangerine Creme.  Isn't it just divine?!  I wore this combo for 3 days with no chips and virtually no tip wear.  Durability test passed with flying colors!  Additionally, the formula was smooth and easy to work with.  I did a little specific placement of the glitters but, on the whole, they applied easily right off the brush.

These polishes release today (Monday, Sept. 1) and are available on the Spellbound Nails store pageEtsy and Storenvy.  Each polish is $10 for a full size, 15ml bottle with $2 going to the CEBR. You also have the option of purchasing the Bear Down Duo at $20 for the set, with $4 going to CEBR. 

You are also welcome to participate in the Bully Bash's silent auction.  This year, attendance to the Bash is not required to bid in the auction.  If you'd like to see a catalog of auction items, please take a trip on over to the auction page.  Some items are already up for bid and they'll be adding more up to and during the Bully Bash!

I hope you enjoyed this post and, should you decide to order any of Spellbound Nails charity polishes, I'd love to hear what you think of them!  Feel free to leave me a comment :)  Thanks so much for reading!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kansas State Game Day Manicure

Hi there, folks!  If you're fairly new to my blog, you may not know that I'm a football nut.  In particular, a Kansas State University Wildcat football nut.  Today is the first game of the year and I'm super excited to watch my 'Cats play's been too long!  I know you're asking yourself what this has to do with nails or polish.  Well, just like any fan I like to display my team's colors and fortunately, nail polish comes in many colors including the regal purple and white of the Wildcats!  So without further ado, here's my game day mani to cheer on the 'Cats!

I used bunches of polishes to create this look (I'll include a list at the end of the post if you're interested) and some fun PowerCat (my team's icon) decals I found online.  I'm trepidatious about the decals, as my team seems to do better when I handpaint them.  Yes, I'm a crazy superstitious fan to boot lol  But, I'm chancing it because the decals are just so darn cute!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this manicure (even though I know not every one is into sports).  I know I can't be the only fan out there who paints her nails for game days. I'd love to see your team manicures as well!  Feel free to link them in the comments section!  Thanks so much for reading!

Polish list:
Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer~Donatello
Sinful Colors~Snow Me White
China Glaze~Creative Fantasy
Sally Hansen Striper~White & Purple
Wet 'n' Wild~2% Milk

Monday, August 18, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Mod Lacquer Alien Encounter and Zero Point

*Mod Lacquer products provided for honest and unbiased review.  All other products mentioned were purchased by me*

Hi everyone!  A couple of weeks ago, Jennifer from Mod Lacquer put out the call for reviewers and I was lucky enough to snag a spot this go-round.  I've had the pleasure of wearing Jennifer's creations before (as you might remember from this post) so I've been on pins and needles to get my paws on this shipment!  I was not disappointed, her polishes are superb and without further ado, let's get down to it!

Both polishes I'm reviewing today are from the Above Top Secret collection, a UFO/Alien-inspired set of holographic loveliness.  Alien Encounter is a grassy spring green linear holo.  The effect on these polishes is insane and will thrill you to no end in sunlight!  Seriously, these babies should come with a warning label about their highly effective distractability (and yes, I know that's not a word but I'm using it anyway).

Alien Encounter applied like a dream.  I'm showing 3 smooth coats here with no top coat.  I totally could have gotten away with just 2 coats but I never like to skimp when it comes to holo.  Pile it on, I say!  Rainbows for everyone!  

I decided to do something a little special with these swatches because it's such a fun theme for a collection.  My Alien Encounter swatches come complete with their own "little green man", created with AE itself and the addition of some black striping polish.  I may have to recreate this with a bit more detail in the future...he's so cute!  I shall name him "George"!

Next up is Zero Point.  Zero Point is listed on Etsy as a pink linear holographic polish but it really leans more silver on me.  There is the barest blush of pink in certain lights but it's not showing up in my photos unfortunately. (If you're looking for a pinker holo, I'd suggest Aerial Phenomenon from the same collection.)

Again, the formula was nearly flawless and applied easily, no flooding or dragging.  2-3 coats for opacity (I'm wearing 3 here) and no top coat needed for shine.  I can't say enough nice things about Jennifer's polishes!  They're just stunning!

Zero Point, as near as I can understand it, is named after a technology used to power UFOs (and I'm probably completely wrong on that lol).  For my accent nail, I used a stamp (I'm sorry that I don't have a brand for you to refer to, but it was a random that I picked up off of Ebay I think) that looks a bit like a planet or an atom...either way, kinda spacey so I thought it fit with the theme.  I double stamped with a gold and then a black striping polish.  

Alien Encounter and Zero Point are currently available on Mod Lacquer's Etsy shop for $11 per each full size, 15ml bottle.   If you're interested in keeping up to date on new products, sales, and other important info, be sure to follow Mod Lacquer on Facebook.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!