Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Similarities: Minty Teal Cremes

Hello again!  I've got a full Sunday Similarities post for you guys today so let's get a-movin'!  Mint remains a popular color choice no matter what the season and since I have about a billion of them in my stash, I decided to swatch a few and compare them for you.

These mints are in the teal family and are all cremes.  I'm comparing 4 polishes in this post: from left to right in the photo above are Sinful Colors Teal the End, NYC Tudor City Teal, Sally Hansen Triple Shine Dive In, and Sinful Colors Open Seas.  

As you can see,  Open Seas and Tudor City Teal have a bit more green and grey to them than Dive In and Teal the End, which are pretty much dupes.  Of the 4, Tudor City Teal has the sheerest formula, requiring 4 coats to get the opacity shown here.  Each of the others are shown in 2 coats here with no top coat on any of them.  

Do you need each of these polishes in your life?  Probably not, unless you're a nut like me ;)  Obviously, Teal the End and Dive In may be redundant, but Open Seas and Tudor City Teal differ by a shade or two.  I don't think Open Seas is still available in stores, being from a couple of seasons ago but I just picked up Teal the End for $1.99 at Walgreen's last week.  Tudor City Teal is available anywhere NYC is sold for $0.99 a bottle on average and Dive In tops the price list at around $4.99 wherever you find Sally Hansen products.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!


  1. I have that NYC, it definitely has a jellyish quality to the creme, but maybe not full on's a nice one :)

  2. They are all so similar, yet so different. :)

  3. I like Open Seas a lot - it has a dusty, muted look to it. They are all very pretty though.


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