Friday, January 3, 2014

Indie Spotlight: The Devil Wears Polish Lady Marmalade

*Unsolicited review.  All products purchased by me.*

Prepare to be amazed, reader!  I've got a gorgeous, gorgeous polish from the Queen of Holos (I gave her that title in my head awhile back and nothing I've seen has made me regret it yet!), Tami from The Devil Wears Polish.  If you buy only one holo this year...ha!  I almost got that out with a straight face!  Seriously, how could you only buy one?!  But, really, this polish is a must have!

Lady Marmalade is one of Tami's Linear Super Chromes and boy! does she deliver!  A shifty purple to fuchsia to gold to copper base packed chock-full of linear holo, LM will stop your heart when she hits the sunlight!  A stunner for sure!  (I have to apologize for all the exclamation points but there's no other way to get the awesomeness across here)

*sigh*  Just look at her!  The color is perfect, the holo is eye-melting, and the formula was beautifully smooth and opaque in 3 coats.   I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite and you know what?  This mani has been on my nails for 3 days and I've done no touch ups.  I don't really even have any tip wear, I'm pretty darn impressed!

*Unsolicited review.  All products purchased by me.*

When LM is available, she retails on The Devil Wears Polish's Storenvy site for $13 for a full size 13.2ml bottle and $6.50 for a mini size 5ml bottle.  The full size bottles are currently sold out but the minis are available.  I'm sure Tami will be restocking soon.  If you don't own any TDWP polishes, you'll want to correct that soon.  Her holos are so freaking fabulous, I can't stand it!  Plus she's just the super sweetest gal which always makes me feel better about buying something.  Be sure to stop by and give her some love on Facebook as well!  Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I need this polish !
    It's so gorgeous <3

  2. Aww! You are awesome :) Loooove the swatches, she looks gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous! Wonderful nails too!!!!


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