Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Similarities: China Glaze Deviantly Daring & Sinful Colors Opening Night

*All products purchased by me*
Hi there!  I hope everyone is staying warm tonight.  It's super cold here in Chicago; tomorrow's high is somewhere around -10!  Brr!  Even with the frigid temps, I've managed to pull together a Sunday Similarities post for you all today.  These are two older polishes but I thought they were pretty and similar enough to warrant a comparison.

I'm showing 2 coats of China Glaze in Deviantly Daring on my index and ring fingers and 2 coats of Sinful Colors in Opening Night on my middle and pinky fingers.  Both of these polishes are dark greenish teal shimmers.  DD was part of China Glaze's "duochrome" Bohemian Collection.  I used the quotation marks because after you've seen most of the indie duochromes, the mainstream ones just really don't fit the bill any more.  I would not call DD a duochrome but there is a faint golden shift in certain lights.  ON does not have a shift, but does have a pretty lighter teal shimmer which catches the light nicely.

ON is a couple shades darker on the nail than DD though they look more similar in the bottle.  Both had nice formulas, smooth with good coverage at 2 coats.  It's up to you whether you'd need both, but I think they're just enough different in shade to miss out on being dupes.  I think both of these are still readily available.  My Ulta had tons of DD bottles on clearance when I was there last month and Walgreen's still had some ON.  If you can't find them at your local stores, a search online should turn something up for you on Amazon or Ebay.

*All products purchased by me*

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  1. They are both really pretty, but I gotta go with the China Glaze. It looks like it glows in your photos.


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