Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glitz-y Manicure

Howdy again, everyone!  Two posts in one day...that's what happens when I get behind and then finally have some free time.  This was the manicure I wore for Halloween.  I went as a snow leopard and I know these nails really don't have anything to do with that, but they're so sparkly!  Take a look:

How I wish there was a good way to take a photo of these lovelies.  You can see a bit of the rainbow holographic effect here, but imagine that times 50.  I dipped my still wet base coated nails into a pot of Wet 'n' Wild's Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz.  I've done this as an accent nail before and knew I wanted to try it as a whole manicure because I was sure it would be stunning.  I was not disappointed!  It's gorgeous!  It does look best in lower light, however, which makes it really difficult to photography.  The sunlight takes out all the rainbow colors and it just looks silver.  Still pretty but so off of how it really looks.

My next manicure will be another Game Day manicure, as my KSU Wildcats take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys to defend their undefeated status.  I'm such a ball of nerves every Saturday now because every game counts!  

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