Monday, November 5, 2012

Faceted Glitter Gradient

Howdy everyone!  Tomorrow is Election Day here in the U.S. and you'd think I might do a themed manicure to celebrate that fact.  I didn't.  I hit Walgreen's the other day and grabbed 5 new polishes and not one of them was red, white or presidential blue, so I did something completely unrelated.  That being said, if you're registered, please go vote!  You've got no right to complain about who wins if you don't!

All of the polishes I picked up were glitters and most were somehow holiday related.  So let's get the party started!

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Whenever I'm not sure what to do with a glitter, I do a gradient.  It's easy and it looks pretty neat, so you really can't go wrong.  For this mani, I started with 2 coats of Peachy Keen by China Glaze, a pretty peachy-salmon creme.  On top of that, I layered Faceted by SinfulColors, doing a couple of extra coats at the tips of my nails to create a gradient.  Faceted has tons of dark blue to purple micro-glitter and holographic bar glitter and is part of SinfulColors Holiday Shimmers collection.  

Overall, I think the collection is pretty, although I'm still not sure I should be buying their products considering their major fail earlier this year.  However, I saw Faceted on the shelf and just knew I had to have it.  It is super sparkly although the coverage isn't as opaque as I hoped it would be.  It's a nice addition to my collection and, for $1.99, it's hard to pass up!

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