Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nail-aween Challenge 4: Mummy Nails

Howdy, everyone!  Sorry for my absence but I've been sick.  I managed to catch the cold that's been going around, but I'm on the mend (I hope!).  You know I had to be sick because I'd been wearing the same manicure for 3 days!  Bleh!  I need change!  Enter the Nail-aween Challenge #4; mummy nails!  I decided to go the traditional route with the mummies, partly because I've never done them before and partly because I'm not back to 100% yet and I'm still pretty tired.  Anyway, here's my take:

I started with 2 coats of Essie's Yogaga (which will look familiar from  my "bloody nails" post) and then drew in some "bandages" with Sinful Colors Bad Chick, a white striper polish.  I used a dotting tool and January by Julep for the red eyes, and a black striper polish for the pupils.  I think they turned out pretty cute!  Here are a couple other views:

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posts now that I'm feeling better so be sure to check back.  Saturday is game day so you know what that means...K-State nails!  And, if you're not into that (because I'm aware that most of you don't share my Purple Pride), I'll be continuing on with the Nail-aween Challenge, including an upcoming tutorial, all the way til the 31st!

Thanks so much for reading!

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