Saturday, October 13, 2012

Game Day Manicure: Gradients and Polka Dots

Howdy, everyone!  I have yet another K-State manicure to share with you guys.  I know you're not all interested in football, but hopefully you're all interested in colorful nails!  In case you were wondering, my Wildcats won today, 27-21 over Iowa State.  It was a nail-biter (not literally, cuz I don't do that any more)!  

Anyway, it's become a ritual for me to paint my nails purple and white to honor my school's colors. Yesterday, I was lamenting the fact that I was going to be up late to finish my nails and my boss said something to the effect of "Well, then don't do them."  I told her that I HAD to paint my nails because, if I didn't and they lost, it would be all my fault!  I also wear my lucky braided pigtails and a specific t-shirt.  Yes, I know it's all superstition, but it's only weird if it doesn't work!  Ok, how about some photos of my manicure already?

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This is a gradient using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in No Hard Feelings and Sonia Kashuk in Rock Star with a little bit of Nina Ultra Pro in Purple-xing on the tips for sparkle.  The Nailasaurus has a great tutorial on gradients that you can check out here. On my thumbs and ring fingers, I used Rock Star again with Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme to create a diagonal dotted gradient.  You can learn more about that technique here

I simply have to get a light box going at home.  My lighting in my apartment is really not great.  Rock Star is a really pretty deep purple and it just never photographs right indoors.  Here are a couple other shots, I really love this manicure!

I'm still participating in the Nail-aween Challenge, so be on the lookout for a new post soon!  Thanks for reading!

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