Saturday, October 27, 2012

Game Day Manicure

8-0! 8-0! My Wildcats are 8-0!  Sorry, just had to get that out from the start here lol  It was Game Day today and that means pigtails and purple nails from me.  I'll have to post a photo of the pigtails as well sometime, but let's concentrate on the purple nails for now, shall we?  I almost didn't finish this manicure in time today.  Kickoff was at 2:30 and I finished cleaning up at 2:15.  Disaster was narrowly avoided!  Anyway, here's what I've got for you today:

Aren't they fun?  Glitter, sparkle and a PowerCat to top it off.  I started with 2 coats of French White Creme from Wet 'n' Wild.  Someone asked me recently why I use that particular polish so often.  White is a staple in my manicure repertoire and FWC is $0.99 a bottle at Walgreen's.  It covers well and it's cheap ;)  All the purple is Purple Pulse from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line.  I found this on clearance at Walgreen's last week, a gorgeously perfect KSU purple frost, love it!  Diamonds Are Forever from Revlon rounds out this manicure as the silver component.

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The design on my pinkie is inspired by Nailside's cloud manicures.  My ring finger was coated with Seche base coat and then sprinkled with random lavender glitter from the dollar store.  What looks like purple ink on my middle finger is actually a black fine line Sharpie.  I'm not sure why it went purple, but it was very serendipitous for this mani!  For my index finger, I applied Diamonds Are Forever on half of my nail, waited for it to dry, and then almost covered it with Purple Pulse so that a bit of silver shows through down the middle of the nail.  And the piece de resistance, my thumb was striped with Purple Pulse, stenciled with a silver PowerCat which was then outlined with the black/purple Sharpie.  Whew!  Here's a different angle:

And a close up of my thumb:

I'm particularly proud of my detail on this, it's hard to work so small and this is my best effort yet!

Sorry for the state of my cuticles.  Not sure what's going on, other than it's been getting colder here so I'll have to step up my hand care program.  

I hope you all enjoy these Game Day manicures as much as I enjoy doing them.  I'll be wearing this one at least through tomorrow, so keep your eyes out for the next Nail-aween post after that.  Thanks so much for reading!

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