Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 of 31: Rainbow Nails

Howdy!  Today brings us Rainbow Nails.  I've done a few different variations of rainbows since I got into nail art, so I wanted to do something a little different than your standard "unicorn" rainbow of colors.  I also wanted something sparkly, so I come up with...wait for it...The Glitter Skittles Rainbow Manicure!  Ha!  I just love the way that sounds :)  I also thought I might called it The Dark Side of the Rainbow...but Glitter Skittles is more fun to say.  Here's a photo!

 Polishes used:
Red: Spoiled-Ants in My Pants
Orange/Copper: Spoiled-Cougar Attack
Yellow/Gold: e.l.f.-20417
Blue/Green:Milani Jewel FX-Teal
Purple: Sinful Colors-Frenzy

I thought this turned out very dramatic for a glitter mani.  I used a coat of Wet 'n' Wild's Wild Shine in Black Creme as a base color for all the glitters and then I just piled on the glitter until I thought I had good coverage.  Some of the polishes are 3 coats, some are 4 and some of them might even have 5 coats!  I tried the new peel-off base coat trick that I've seen floating around the blogs lately (for example Kayla Shevonne's tutorial here & Wacki Laki's here).  Basically, it's Elmer's glue.  It seemed to work pretty well, although I accidentally bought the Glue-All instead of the School Glue.  I think the School Glue might adhere a little less so I'll grab some at Target next time I'm there to compare the two.  One more shot:

Thanks so much for reading and tune in tomorrow for Day 10's Gradient Manicure!

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