Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 of 31: Purple Nails

Howdy, everyone!  I'm still keeping up with the 31 Day Challenge and we're on to Day 6.  Here's my take on Purple Nails:

This is my first attempt at a technique called one stroke painting.  I got the idea from this post on Lucy's Stash and did a little research on YouTube to find out how to do this technique.  It's relatively simple, but takes a bit of practice.  If you're interested in learning more, there are tons of videos out there, just google "one stroke painting".  

Here, I started with 2 coats of Essie's Bangle Jangle, a pretty grey lavender creme.  I painted the flowers using purple and white acrylic paint and topped everything with a coat of Seche Vite.  I'm pretty proud of this for a first attempt and I'm looking forward to trying this technique in some different colors.  Here's another look:

Thanks so much for reading and stop back in tomorrow to see some black & white nails!

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