Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 of 31: Orange Nails

Howdy!  Today is Day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge...Orange nails!  Orange is my least favorite color (again with the challenging Challenge).  No real reason for it, I'm just more partial to blues and purples, so the warm side of the color wheel gets neglected.  You might remember a couple of weeks ago, a customer at work gave me a whole bag full of nail polishes that she wasn't using (thanks again and Hi! to Brody!).  In the bag of stuff she gave me was a set of Sephora nail polish, a collaboration with Pantone.  It's a fun set including a glitter, a creme, a shimmer and a matte polish all in the same color.  This one is called Tangerine Tango and was just perfect for this challenge!  Here are my orange nails for the day:

I used two polishes from the Sephora set here.  I started with 2 coats of the creme on every nail.  Then, using the glitter, I accented my thumbs and ring fingers.  Because I can never do things simply, I actually applied a layer of Tangerine Tango glitter and then a layer of KleanColor Chunky Holo in Poppy just to add some extra dimension to the accent nails.  I think this turned out well...simple and clean with just a bit of sparkle.  Tangerine Tango is impressing me so far, good application and coverage and the finish is nice on both polishes I tried.  The color is so fantastic that I'm going to have to rethink my aversion to orange and bulk up the choice of it in my stash!

Only 29 days to go!  Thanks so much for reading!

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