Monday, September 17, 2012

17 of 31: Glitter Nails

Howdy, everyone!  Today's challenge brings us glitter!  Oh, that lovely, sparkly stuff :)  Here's my take on them:

I started with 2 coats of Revlon's Limited Edition Diamonds Are Forever.  After that dried, I added a couple of coats of Cirque's Debris from their Dark Horse collection.  Debris is a beautiful multi-sized and shaped black and silver glitter in a clear base with micro prismatic glitter as a sparkly finish.  On my accent nail, I used Wet 'n' Wild's Fantasty Makers Confetti in Glitz.  This is a loose glitter that Wet 'n' Wild is selling as part of their Halloween collection.  I still used Diamonds are Forever as a base color, but then dipped my nail in the pot of glitter while it was wet and shook off the excess.  Serious Wow! factor with this.  I may have to do a whole mani sometime with Glitz and I'm going to buy some glitter base polish to make a bottle of my very own.  I did have a really hard time photographing this.  Those prismatic glitters never want to show off their gorgeousness for the lens, do they?  Here's a blurry one that shows it best, although it still doesn't come close to the color flash of Glitz.

So, a pretty successful manicure even if the photos don't show it properly.  I also want to throw out a couple of 'Thank you"s before I sign off this evening.  Upon checking my mailbox today, I discovered two surprises.  First of all, my new Cirque polishes from Chalkboard Nail's giveaway arrived!  I cannot wait to try these out and I want to give one more big "thank you" to Sarah for her generous giveaway and great blog!  After ripping open the packaging from Cirque and oohing and ahhing over the contents, I dug through the rest of my mail and found a postcard from my friend, Joe, from his trip to Spain.  Not only did he send this card, he also got me a fantastic Dali book which will be my inspiration for the artwork challenge coming up.  Here's a shot of all the fun stuff I got in the mail today!

Thanks so much for reading and tune in tomorrow for a cute half-moon manicure!

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