Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Electric Slide

Howdy, everyone!  Do I have an eye-catcher for you today!  This manicure is so bright, you might want to whip out your sunglasses!

Say hello to Nina Ultra Pro in Electric Slide!  A very neon green packed with tons of gold and holographic glitter, this one is sure to grab the attention of everyone around.  It's a new one from Nina and you can also see that they have new bottles as well.  I like the change, the shape of the bottle is nice and the brush is easier to hold on to than the old style. 

Here I've used two coats of MAC Vestral White as undies and then I believe it was 4(!) coats of Electric Slide.  That's my one complaint about this polish, it's very, very sheer and you have to use quite a lot to build up the color.  Par for the course for a neon, but this one will take some patience.  After Electric Slide, I applied a coat of Seche Vite and got out my trusty craft scissors.  I used to scalloped edge scissors to cut some scotch tape and then used the tape as a guide for french tips.  I used MAC Black Enough!, a black matte polish, for the tips.  I love the look of this manicure, it's very bold and bright....even in the shade, as seen below.

Nina Ultra Pro polishes sell at Sally Beauty Supply for around $4.

Thanks for reading!

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