Monday, July 16, 2012

Sun Worshiper Glitter Sandwich

Howdy, everyone!  It's been a bit of a crazy day today.  I just found out the apartment upstairs got broken into and robbed, or burgled, or whatever they call it.  Always a little scary when crime hits so close to home.  Fortunately, no one got hurt physically, although I know the emotional trauma is just as bad.  It seems like it might have been more of a domestic thing, and maybe my neighbor knows who did it, but I'll be double-checking my door locks extra carefully now!

On to happier topics, my manicure!  I must warn you, this polish is a neon and it truly lives up to the name.  So you may want to don your sunglasses before you check out the pics!

Behold, China Glaze Sun Worshiper!  A very, very bright orange neon...this one will knock your socks right off!  As I was perusing my polish collection earlier today, I knew I wanted to try something sunny and Sun Worshiper definitely fit the bill.  After I put the first 2 coats on my nails, it occurred to me that the finish on a neon polish was pretty similar to a jelly, which got me thinking that I could probably do a glitter sandwich with a neon and it would look pretty much like a jelly sandwich.  And, you know what? I was right!  I actually used 3 coats of Sun Worshiper and then applied a thin coat of Julep's Oscar, a small gold glitter in a clear base, followed by a dab of Milani's Jewel FX 531 Gold, a larger hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  Then I swiped another coat of Sun Worshiper over the top and sealed with Seche Vite.

This manicure in the sunlight is so bright, it makes my eyes hurt.  My poor camera just can't capture the tear-inducing shade of polish, but it's done the best it can.  

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my post!

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