Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little Failure

This afternoon, while strolling through Walgreen's, I came across something I coveted immediately.  

 Now, I've tried these "polish stickers" (which is how I think of them) before, and I've been burned by them several times.  The ones I've tried have either not stuck at all or start to peel up after about an hour's worth of wear.  I have yet to try Sally Hansen's because when I see them at the store, they typically run about $10.  Not a lot of money, but when you have none to begin with 10 bucks seems astronomical!  So, I looked at this pattern (cutely enough named "Aflorable") and said to myself, "Self, we can recreate this look with polish we already have!".  I mean, I've done Cookie Monster nails, I've done little snowmen nails, I've done black cats on fences for Halloween nails.  A few vines with leaves should be easy!
Sure, no problem, right?

Um...well...kinda not right.  Kinda wrong, actually.  I'm not loving this creation (or these photos, sorry about that).  Color choice here is key.  I started with Sinful Colors Olympia, which is just a little too bright of a green for this look.   I needed something a bit more muted.  And then, the red just wasn't right.  I tried to franken a rustier color with O.P.I.'s Red, Red Rhine and Love My Nails Rasberry (yes, I know that's spelled incorrectly but that's how they spelled it on the bottle) and it just didn't come out great.  Here's another look.

Now, I don't hate it. It's got some appeal...just not what I was looking for.  But, I know I said in an earlier post that I would show some things that didn't work, along with the things that do.  So, now you've had a glimpse of the good and the bad.  I'll leave it on for now, see if it grows on me some more, but don't be surprised if there's something new up for tomorrow!

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