Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashback Friday!

Happy Friday night!  I do so hope that most of you are not sitting at home, watching Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files while doing your laundry...although, as I am doing exactly that, I am in no position to judge anyone's Friday night activities.  However, if none of you are sitting at home with nothing better to do, then I doubt very much anyone else will be reading this blog entry, especially as I don't have a new manicure to show you.   My family is coming into town this weekend, so I may not be blogging for a couple of days and, in the interest of making a habit of this, I decided to start a weekly "Flashback" post to recap some of my previous manicures which happened before I began this blog.  This gives me a chance to revisit some paints that I really loved and also gives me a little break from the polish remover fumes required to generate a new manicure.

And, now, for the first Flashback!

My first attempt at an animal print (circa 1/19/2012)!  I started with two coats of Wet n Wild Megalast in I Need a Refresh-Mint.  Then I used my Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black to apply random short lines in a zebra print sort of a pattern.  Topped with Seche Vite, this was such an easy technique and I've used it a couple of times since.  I was just so pleased with the way it turned out and I got a ton of compliments on this one.  While I do paint my nails just for me, I do love it when someone else notices and compliments them.  Especially when the "where did you get them done" question comes up and I get to say that I did all by my lil ol' self.  It may seem like kind of a silly thing to take pride in, but I do put a lot of time and effort into my nails so a compliment never goes unappreciated.

And, with that, I must away to dreamland.  I hope you enjoyed my flashback manicure and please feel free to leave a comment if you stopped by!  :)

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