Thursday, July 17, 2014

Great Polish Giveaway 2014~Cirque Colors Fascination Street

"What's this?" you say?  Two giveaways in one week?  That's crazy talk!  But, crazy as it might be, it's also pretty freakin' awesome!  In addition to my Two Year Birthdanniversary Giveaway that I'm currently hosting, I'm also taking part in the Great Polish Giveaway 2014 which is hosted by, Cirque Colors, NCLA, & Picture Polish.

This giveaway is offering one lucky person a chance to win up to 200 nail polishes!  Currently the number stands at 83 91, which is amazing all by itself especially when you check out the list and see exactly which polishes are up for grabs!  Basically, had this great idea for a giveaway and wanted to get bloggers involved.  Each blogger nominates a polish to be won in the giveaway and then promotes the giveaway on their blog.  You can enter separately on each participating bloggers' posts to gain more entries...pretty sweet deal!  I'm excited to participate, especially since I got to nominate one of my very favoritest polishes ever, Cirque's Fascination Street!  FS was the very first indie I ever bought and it instilled the righteous love of holographic polish into my very being!  You can check out my swatches of it below and don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post! (If you have a blog and would like to nominate a shade for the giveaway, follow this link to sign up.) 

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