Saturday, July 26, 2014

Enter All the Widgets!! The Great Polish Giveaway 2014: List of Participants

Hi there!  I've spent the morning compiling a list of links for NPC's Great Polish Giveaway of 2014 and I thought it might be of interest to all of you.  Each participant of this giveaway has their own widget where you can earn up to three extra entries in addition to the widget on NPC's page.  In case you've missed it, this giveaway allows bloggers to nominate a polish for the grand prize, up to 200 polishes to one winner!  There are some great polishes included in this prize so I highly suggest you all enter, enter, enter!  The prize is currently sitting at 148 polishes...everything from Cirque and NCLA to Orly and China Glaze.  If you have a blog and want to get in on the nomination action, you can find out about it here.

I wasn't able to find a comprehensive list* of each participant and a link to their widget, so I decided to make my own!  I did my best to include everyone but I was unable to find links for some of the folks listed on the prize list, so if you don't see your name and would like to be included, please let me know!  The list starts below, in no particular order.  This is also a great way to find new blogs...there are so many folks participating that I didn't know so I'm thrilled to have some new people to follow :) Thanks so much for reading and I hope this is helpful!

1. Over the Top Coat
2. Polish Obsession 
3. Notes and Nails
4. Dividing by Zero
5. Domestic Vixen
6. Canadian Nail Fanatic
7. Ditch the Mittens
8. Lauryn Andrade
9. Simply Nailogical
10. A Little Polish
11. Me and My Nail Polish
12. Classy on the Run
13. Chantal's Corner
14. Mani-Addicted
15. Blacklace Cosmetics
16. Of Knit and Nails
17. Mom's Makeup Stash
18. Subscription Box-Oholic
19. Ivory Avenue
20. Melanie's Fancies
21. Quenne
22. In Jenn's Bag
23. The RNY Life
24. I Know All the Words
25. Seriously Swatched
26. My Lacquer Cabinet
27. We Didn't Miss It
28. Crafty Lady Abby
29. Beauty Fiends
30. Beyond Blush
31. Pink & Polished
32. Mom & Pop's Business Cents
33. Autumn-Rain
34. My Starlight Blessings
35. Wacky Laki
36. The Happy Sloths
37. A.M. Polishes
38. Gel-Luv
39. TLC Shopping
40. My Domestic Dish
41. Life and Polish
42. Einalem_Og
43. Intense Polish Therapy
44. Delight In Nails
45. Southern Sparkle Nail Art
46. Mario, Shut Up
47. Varnished Valkyrie
48. Globe and Nail
49. In Jeeb We Trust
50. Lace & Lacquers
51. Procrastinails
52. Chit Chat Nails
53. Polished & Glittered
54. Kelsie's Nail Files
55. Pretty Nails and Tea
56. Copycat Claws
57. Blushing Noir
58. Swatcher, Polish Ranger
59. A Girl & Her Polish
60. The Polished Mommy
61. Workaday Ramblings
62. Nailing It
63. Beaded Embellishments
64. MelSimLi Nails
65. Ruby Sprinkles
66. Crystal Pistol
67. The Nail Snail
68. PJ's and Polish
69. Nail Polish Mom
70. Awesome Possum Blogorium
71. The Super Secret Nail Blog
72. Claw of Cthulhu
73. Gee, Your Nails are Terrific
74. Beauty-Intel
75. As Samantha Sees It
76. Baubles & Bubbles
77. Darling Magpie
78. Manis and Makeovers
79. A Girl and Her Chicken Named Betty
80. Writing Whimsy 
81. Lady Maid Nails
82. Dagadelic
83. Storm and Stars
84. Polished to Precision
85. Dee's Polish
86. Will Paint Nails For Food
87. My Life In Turquoise
88. Sou-Douzaine
89. Hey Darling Polish
90. Miss DeVious Diva
91. Chameleon Souls
92. The Lazy Laquerista
93. Oh My Swatch
94. Good Lack, Nail
95. Sparkled Beauty
96. My Corner of the Forest
97. Olivia Frescura
98. Crafty Nail
99. PolishNV
100. Swatch and Review
101. Teen Polish Junkie
102. Rebecca Likes Nails
103. Manicurator
104. Beauty Infinitum
105. ChrissyAI
106. Ria Loves Pawlish
107. Let's Talk Makeup & Beauty
108. The Nail Never Stops
109. Colors Frenzy
110. Writing Beauty
111. Sassy Shelly
112. On a Chalkboard 
113. My Glittery Obsessions
114. Jeanne Melanson 
115. China Glaze Favs
116. Super Nails
117. Wendy's Contests Galore 
118. Everything Pretty 
119. Painted Pretty 
120. Jenn
121. Kitties and Polish Forever 
122. Paint Those Piggies
123. Lively Lacquer 
124. The Little Canvas  
125. The Polished Platypus
126. Kalyn Lord
127. Pointy Toe Shoe Crew 
128. Mae's Beauty 
129. talkerblogger
130. Canadian Mom Reviews
131. Amandalandish
132. Vanity Curve 
133. Tips For Every Day  
134. Lipstick & Lullabies
135. A Fresh Coat 
136. Frugalista Mamas
137. Eye Heart 
138. Painted Nubs
139. Addicted to Lacquer
140. in a nutshell... 
141. Polished Lifting 
142. Erica's Nails and More 
143. The Fancy Side 
144. Simple As a Flower 
145. Key of Marie
146. Rose's Book Corner
147. caffeine and colour
148. Follow in My Fabulousness
149. Streets Ahead Style 
150. Cozycomfycouch
151. Cosmetically Curious  
152. Nail Polish Junkie
153. Sparkled Beauty
155. Momsicals
156. Nails, The Final Frontier

*You can also check out the "official" list done by Taylor Moorby here.  As I'd already spent about 6 hours making my own list when NPC let me know there was a complete list, I wanted to post mine anyway.   I've continued to update by using Google and searching out new posts. Taylor's list has every participating blog whether or not the blogger has posted a link to their own widget for entering.


  1. Ooh cool! I will def share this page! thanks for posting my link :)

  2. What an awesome thing to do! I've linked back to this post from my entry post, you're a goddess for taking the time to do all of this! <3

    1. Thanks, Katherine! It did take some time, but I was entering all the widgets as well so I figured others might like to do the same :)

  3. Hi Over The Top Coat... If you're looking for a comprehensive list of all of the links, I started one the day after the giveaway started... Hope this helps

  4. You are amazing for compiling a list like this :)

  5. What a great idea to compile everyone's posts! You're awesome! (:

  6. Wow! Great work and that is for the link! Great to see some new blogs!



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