Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Similarities: My Floam went Kaboom and now I'm Flipping Out Hard!

*Nothing to disclose*

Hello everyone!  I'm so excited about today's post because it involves the nabbing of my #2 lemming of all time (#1 being Clarins 230 but short of a miracle or a lottery win, that shall remain a dream)!  I can't tell you what it is about Floam by Nail Venturous that caused me to jones so badly for it, but I've searched high and low for that little bottle with the yellow label.  I even bought it from a blog sale about a year ago, waited for three weeks, only to find out it had been lost in the mail.  This was a hard lesson I learned about international shipping :(  But my story has a happy ending because I found another blog sale (here in the States) and in that blog sale, I found another little bottle with a yellow label (for only $5 no less!) and this time, USPS did not fail me!  Thursday afternoon I unlocked my mailbox and there, to the tune of a choir of angels accompanied by rays of sunshine from Heaven itself, was my very own bottle of Floam!!  I know this seems dramatic, but as you're all polish people, I know you understand ;)

The very first thing I decided to do with my bottle of Floam (after I did a happy jig whilst holding it above my head in a triumphant manner) was a comparison post.  In my quest for Floam, I have tried several alleged dupes and am thrilled that I can finally compare them to the real deal!  Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard and Salon Perfect Kaboom were two polishes that I picked up in hopes of quelling my Floam craving so I figured they'd make a great Sunday Similarities post!

I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Jungle Trail and then used two coats of each comparison polish; Floam on my index and pinky, Kaboom on my middle, and Flipping Out Hard on my ring finger.   I didn't use any top coat for these photos because each of these polishes purposely uses matte glitters.  That said, they do all look lovely with a top coat and you may prefer them with it because they will dry with some texture without it.  Flipping Out Hard is obviously the odd man out for color, having much more yellow and green glitters than the blue.  FOH is the most densely glittered polish of the bunch and I probably could have only used one coat with a little dabbing.  I have to say that as far as color and density go, Kaboom is pretty much a bang on dupe for Floam.  In the bottle, Floam comes off as a bit more blue but on the nail, that difference is less pronounced.  Kaboom is actually even a bit more dense in the glitter department than Floam.

If you'd like to purchase any of these beauties for yourselves, here's the low down.  Salon Perfect Kaboom can still be found in Walmart stores.  It retails for around $4 for a full size 14ml bottle, by far the most economical of the bunch.  Flipping Out Hard is available on the Nail Pattern Boldness site, retailing for $9 for a full size 15ml bottle.  Though not really a dupe for Floam, FOH is a gorgeous polish in its own right.  NPB just does a great polish, I have a couple and have yet to be disappointed! 

That brings us back to Floam which as you might expect is a little more difficult to get a hold of.  Ninja Polish, which took over Floam from Nail Venturous, is currently on hiatus.  I do not know when (or even if) she'll begin taking orders again. Your best bet is to stalk blog sales or Ebay, like I did.  I've seen Floam listed any where from $5 to $45 for the full size 15ml bottle.  Kaboom is by far the best dupe I've seen, so if you're less patient than I it's definitely a good option to get this look.  Especially with Ninja Polish being closed at the moment, I imagine Floam will become more difficult to find.

Thanks so much for reading, folks!  I hope you enjoyed the post and that it was helpful :)


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