Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Similarities: Green Jellies, Wet n Wild Contact High & Sinful Colors Irish Green

Hello everyone!  Happy Memorial Day to my U.S. followers!  I want to express my heartfelt thanks to those folks (and their families) who have served in the military.  It's a great sacrifice they've given for this country and I'm grateful to those who give their time, and too often life or limb, to serve and protect.

 I've got a quick Sunday Similarities post for you all today with a couple of bright green jelly polishes.  Whilst strolling through my local Walgreens the other day, I noticed the Wet n Wild Summer 2014 Limited Edition All Access Beauty Megalast display.  They have introduced a rainbow of bright colors for the summer and I picked up a couple including Contact High which, when I got it home, I realized looks a lot like Sinful Colors Irish Green.  I figured a comparison post was in order :)

In the bottle, you can see the obvious similarity.  Both are bright, grassy green jelly polishes.  At first glance, I thought they were exact dupes.

But when I applied 4 coats of each, I discovered that Contact High is a few shades darker than Irish Green.  Irish Green also has a bit more yellow to it.  They are very similar in formula, sheerness, and finish (no top coat in these photos).  Contact High is a Limited Edition and Irish Green tends to show up around St. Patrick's Day, so if one or the other isn't available to you, I don't think you HAVE to have both.  But at $1.99 each?  Too good of a deal to pass up!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. 4 coats....ouch....I like them both, but not sure I like them 4 coats worth :D Thanks for comparison!

    1. The coats dry really fast because they're jellies, but you can always use a light colored or white base to start off with. Then you wouldn't only need one or two coats for opacity :) Thanks for reading!

  2. It always amazes me when two polishes look almost exactly alike in the bottle and then come out looking like these 2. Keep the comparison posts coming!


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