Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Similarities: Purple Holographics

*All products purchased by me.*

Hey everyone!  I hope the holiday shopping weekend has treated you well.  I snagged some awesome boots for a screamin' good deal and stocked up at Ulta, so overall I'm pretty happy.  Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to shop for other people for the holidays, but the deals are so good for stuff I need that I couldn't pass them up!  I did get a few gifts grabbed though, so all is not lost.

I've got a lovely Sunday Similarities post lined up for you guys today.  I do need to mention that I had a catastrophic break on the middle nail of my swatching hand (of course!) and so had to nubbin-ize everything else.  Unfortunately, my quicks have all grown out on my other nails so I couldn't trim them quite back to the length of the broken one, so things are a bit uneven at the moment.  But now that I'm all stocked up on Nail Envy again, I hope to have them back in ship-shape soon!  On to the photos!

I wanted to show you a couple of purple linear holographics today.  In the photo above, you can see Gothic Gala Lacquers' Odin on the left and Cirque's Fascination Street on the right.  Both of these polishes are deep purple with a strong linear holographic effect in the bottle, but let's check them side by side on the nail, shall we? 

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Odin on my index and ring fingers and 2 coats of Fascination Street on my middle (nubbin-nubbin) and pinky nails.  Odin has a softer appearance and leans toward a heather-y purple shade where Fascination Street is more of a blurple.  The linear effect on both of these will knock your socks off in direct sunlight...rainbows! rainbows for everyone!

Beautiful formulas on both, each smooth and creamy and opaque in 2 coats.  I am showing a coat of Seche Vite on each of these, the Cirque dries with a semi-matte finish, so you'll want a top coat to shine it up. I think that these are different enough that you may want to own both, but for the conservative polish hoarder (Ha!) they are both in the same color range so maybe one or the other could fill the void.  Fascination Street is the first indie polish I ever purchased for myself, so it has a special place in my heart.  Odin was another one that I knew I had to have after Samantha posted photos of it on really, there's no way I could chose!

*All products purchased by me.*

You can still find both of these polishes, although I think Gothic Gala is out of stock on Odin at the moment (I just bought it last week, so I'm pretty sure it hasn't been discontinued).  Anyway, when it's available, you'll find Odin on Etsy for $9.50 for a full size 15ml bottle.  Fascination Street is available on Cirque's website for $15 for a full size 13.2ml bottle.  Gothic Gala Lacquers is currently running a Black Friday sale so be sure to check out her Facebook page for details on that and follow Cirque on Facebook as well...cuz they're both awesome brands!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Thank you for the post and Odin is back in stock! <3

  2. Lots of pretties in GothicGala including Star Trek TNG inspired, adding to my list!! :D

  3. Odin is positively amazing, every polish lover should have this color in their collection!


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