Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Similarities: Cosmic Forces & Orion Nebula

Hi everyone!  I hope you've all had a great weekend!  I got my carpet cleaned so I can finally move into my old roommate's bedroom...I'll have a door of my very own!  Woot :)  It's been a rough few days, so I'm thrilled to have something to look forward to.  This is going to be a busy, busy week for Over the Top Coat as well.  I hope you're all prepared for some loveliness soon!  As today is Sunday, I've got another Sunday Similarities comparison post for you.  This one includes one of my all-time favorite polishes, so let's get to it!

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you'll know I'm a sucker for circle glitter.  Whilst gazing in adoration at my collection the other day, my eyes lit upon these two bottles sitting side by side.  On the left is Emily de Molly's Cosmic Forces (the aforementioned all-time favorite) and to the right, Different Dimension's Orion Nebula.  While I know they do look different in the bottle, I felt they were similar enough to slap a few coats on and do a comparison.  Especially since ON was in my "untried" folder...I'm glad to finally move her into a new category!

I'm wearing 4 coats of Orion Nebula on my index and ring fingers and 3 coats of Cosmic Forces on my middle and pinky fingers.  Obviously, ON is a bit more sheer than CF.  CF's base is a dark purple jelly where ON has a sheer black jelly base.  The glitter mix in CF includes more sizes of glitters and also has hexes, ON has 2 sizes of fuchsia circle glitter and the large holographic lavender dots. 

Both of these polishes are stunning!  I absolutely am glad to have both, they're definitely not dupes.  Now for the details!  Both of these polishes are still available for sale, although ON will probably be easier to get ahold of.  CF is available during restocks of Emily de Molly on Llarowe if you've got quick reflexes and a lot of patience.  A 12ml bottle will cost you $13 and is, I believe, worth every penny.  It is currently out of stock as I write this, but EdM still makes it.  If you're lucky enough to live in Australia or to have an Aussie nail polish fairy, you can find CF on EdM's etsy site, but she currently does not ship to the States.  For more info on restocks, you can sign up for an account on Llarowe and you'll get alerts or follow her on facebook for the most up to date info!  ON is currently available on Different Dimension's etsy site for $8.50 for a 15ml bottle, also worth the dough!  For updates on DD products, sales and such, follow her on facebook as well :)

I hope you all enjoyed the post today and that you're liking the comparisons in general!  As always, I'd love any feedback or suggestions you'd like to leave and thank you so much for reading!


  1. I have CF and love it. I was wondering how it compared to ON. I'm definitely going to have to pick up a bottle of that too!

  2. Both are pretty, I have the EdM and looooove DD in general (she's an Ohio gal like me)....thanks for the comparison!

  3. Seeing them side by side, one lemming has been squashed. Good bye CF from my wishlist, it looks lumpy and the glitter doesn't really show through. But ON, oh em gee! That girl shall be mine.

  4. Orion Nebula is gorgeous! Really love the effect!


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