Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Down the Bayou Lacquer Bleed Purple & Voodoo Queen

I swear, I don't know where the time goes during the week!  I meant to have about 3 posts already this week and this is my first one!  One of these days, I'll get my time management down.  Anyway, I've got a couple of polishes from a new-to-me brand called Down the Bayou Lacquer.  I was lucky enough to win both of these in one of Jodi's giveaways...seriously, enter ALL the giveaways you see!  The more you enter the better chance you have of winning!  Ok, on to the polish!

All of Jodi's polishes are all inspired, as you may have guessed from her company name, by living in the South.  The first one I have to show you today, Bleed Purple, is no exception.  LSU's colors are purple and gold, thus the inspiration behind this polish.  Now, for me, being the avid Kansas State fan that I am, I'm choosing it to represent my team's purple and white ;)  Either way, Bleed Purple is a pretty lavender polish with a turquoise shimmer and silver hex glitter.  

Bleed Purple is quite sheer, I'm wearing 4-5 coats in these photos, so I'd probably suggest layering it over a base polish.   The formula was nice and dried quickly, which is a good thing for sheers.  Overall, I like the color and the shimmer here.

Next up, and just in time for Halloween, is Voodoo Queen.  This glitter topper is packed with black glitters in several shapes and sizes, bright purple metallic shreds, and a silvery sprinkle of holographic dust to round it out.  Voodoo Queen's clear base makes it perfect for topping.  I'm showing it here in 2 coats over 2 coats of Sinful Colors' Jungle Trail with one coat of Seche Vite to smooth things out.

I love the glitter mix here and that holographic sparkle...sigh.  Jodi's inspiration for this polish is the legendary Marie Laveau, a famous voodoo priestess from New Orleans, and I think she's done her credit with this creation (I cannot say the same for American Horror Story this season, bleh).

The formula was, again, good; no balding, dragging, or weirdness.  Voodoo Queen is definitely worthy of the title and is my favorite of these two.

Down the Bayou Lacquers can be found on Etsy and retail for $9.75 for a 13.2ml bottle.  You can also follow her over on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and updates...I know she's been throwing out sneak peaks of her newest polishes on Instagram so you may want to check her out there as well ;)

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. They're both lovely but the second one looks really great over the khaki polish!

  2. I really like shard glitter, and in that purple!! Voodoo Queen is my favorite of the 2 polishes too.


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