Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Madison Stree Beauty: Island Cove & Cosmic Girl

*All products purchased by me.*

I'm a little stressed this evening so I hope you'll all bear with me.  It's already been a bad week, but, starting at 4:30 this morning, my dog Molly has been behaving strangely.  Several times an hour, she suddenly runs towards the wall with her back arched and starts yelping like no body's business.  I've already taken her to the vet, but, since she didn't display the behavior while she was there, they couldn't really tell me anything.  I'm very worried about her so, if you've got a kind thought or two to spare for her, I'd much appreciate it.

Anyway, on to today's post.  I've got two more Madison Street Beauty polishes to show you.  These are the other two that are part of my donated prize to The Nail Files giveaway.  I figured you might like a better look at what you might win if you enter.  If you'd like to see the first two polishes, you can check out this post. :)

First up is Island Cove, a metallic teal polish with a bit of gold shimmer.  This is such a pretty color!  I'll be the first to admit that metallics typically aren't my favorite polishes, mostly because of the brushstrokes that are so hard to get rid of!  That said, IC applied pretty easily with few visible brushstrokes.

If you enlarge the above macro, you should be able to see the gold shimmer a bit better.  IC really is a lovely color.

Application and dry time were both great.   I used 2 coats in these photos with one coat of Seche Vite.

The second polish of this post is Cosmic Girl.  I ended up loving this more than I thought I would.  Pink isn't always my favorite, but this is pink with an edge.  That edge is a blue/violet shimmer in a fuchsia base.  Lots of "Pow!" to this little lady!

That blue shimmer makes this polish seem to glow!  I loved every shot I took of this polish, but managed to whittle it down to three to show you guys ;)

Again, application was good.  CG is fairly sheer, but did build up in 3-4 coats, which is what I'm wearing here with one coat of Seche Vite.

I hope you guys are excited to see these Madison Street Beauty products and even more excited for the chance to win them!  If you just can't wait, both are available on MSB's website and retail for $4.99 for a 5ml bottle.  However, they are currently running an awesome sale which brings the price down to just $2 a bottle!  A total steal!

MSB also offers an affliliate program.  If you're interested in more information, you can click the photo below.

Thanks so much for reading!  

*All products purchased by me.*


  1. And they're three fabulous shots. It's such a blessing of riches when you've a slew of super pix. Nice job, Natalie.

    Sending you and Molly huge bunches of good vibes.

    Feel better, Molly. We're worried about you, sweetie. Hugs and kisses.

    Hang in there, Natalie. Hugs to you, too!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It was a super stressful day yesterday, but today she's back to her normal self. I'm hoping she just pulled something whilst chasing after the evil red dot (laser pointer, she has a love/hate relationship with it) and that it's healing. Thanks for the well wishes!


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