Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hit Polish: Bananas in Pajamas & I'm All Ogre It!

Howdy all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend here in the States, and that any international folks are just plain enjoying things :)  I've got a couple of polishes to show you today that I won from two separate naming contests.  I really enjoy playing the name game and I love it when indie makers give their fans an opportunity to get in on the creative process!  Both of these polishes are from Hit Polish.  Rachel, the brains behind Hit Polish, continues to impress me with her high-quality products and unique color/glitter combinations.  Ok, on to the swatches!

I'm starting with Bananas in Pajamas, a creamy light yellow crelly with a gold shimmer packed with pastel hexes and squares.  I didn't actually name this one, but I got an honorable mention for my suggestion in the contest so I won a mini bottle.

BIP is just a beautiful polish!  The application was great, though it is a bit sheer.  I used 4 coats here, but you could definitely layer it if you didn't want to use so many coats. I had a hard time capturing the lovely shimmer of this polish, but there really is a strong gold that catches the light magnificently.

If you're looking for the perfect Spring polish, BIP is definitely your girl.  

Next up, we have I'm All Ogre It!  Now this one I did name :)  IAOI is an olive green base full of red, royal blue, purple, gold, copper and holographic glitters in hexes, squares and shreds.  My inspiration for the name came from the movie Shrek (which is probably fairly obvious, but just in case some of you were wondering).

I chose the above macro shot so you could see more of the holographic bits, though I know it's a bit dark.  I liked IAOI a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw the photos of it that Rachel had posted.  The green is a bit more olive than I normally go for, however much like BIP, it has a gorgeous gold shimmer that saves the green from being murky or muddy.  And I love the glitter mix, the colors remind me of Mardi Gras!

Application was, again, smooth and easy.  All the glitters came out of the bottle nicely and it built up to opacity in 2-3 coats.  Overall, a really nice polish!

If you haven't tried Hit Polish yet, I really don't know what you're waiting for!  Both of these polishes are currently available on Rachel's site and go for $3.35 for a 5ml mini bottle and you can turn any mini into a full size bottle for $8.25.  Follow Hit Polish on Facebook for updates on new polishes, sales, and future naming contests!

Thanks so much for reading!

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