Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Try It On Tuesday: Above The Curve's Party Polish Pink V.2


Hi, everyone!  As you might deduce from the title of my post, I've decided to join Gini from Sassy Paints with Try It On Tuesday.  TIOT is a laid back challenge where every Tuesday, we post a manicure with a polish we haven't tried before.  Since my stack of untrieds seems to grow weekly (er...daily), I though this was a good way to kick myself in the pants and try a few of them out!  Check out Sassy Paint's Facebook page for information on how to join in the fun!

Today's TIOT is Above The Curve's Party Polish Pink V.2.  

PPP is a raspberry pink polish with a linear holographic finish and holographic glitter throughout.  I'm pretty sure the only thing that can make a linear holo better is holo glitter!  This polish is so pretty!

Check out that macro!  The color by itself is pretty, but that rainbow inside really makes it shine.

I regret to inform you, however, that PPP was a limited edition polish that ATC put out in honor of their one-year business anniversary.  At this time, it's no longer available :(  But the good news is that ALL of ATC polishes are currently on sale over at their shop, again in honor of their anniversary.  I have several of their polishes and have yet to be disappointed so I highly suggest you get your buns on over to Big Cartel and snap up something gorgeous at a great price!  In addition, Shawn and Angel (ATC creators) donate $1 from every bottle sold to Shriner's Hospitals for Children as well as various other charities throughout the you can feel even better about buying yourself a little pressie ;)  To keep up with updates, new products and any other important info, be sure to "like" ATC's Facebook page!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Holy crap! That's frickin gorgeous!! Too bad I missed out on it! :(

    1. Thanks, Gini! I'd keep an eye on their facebook page though. They've been known to bring back small batches of things every once in might get lucky!

  2. That is such a pretty polish! I feel bad showing polishes that are no longer available, but sometimes they are just too pretty to not show off.

    1. Right? This one is just too lovely, I had to share! Thanks, Liz!


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