Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mint Manis For Talia Joy

In honor of Talia Joy Castellano 8/18/1999-7/16/2013

There isn't really anything I can say about this lovely girl that hasn't already been said.  She touched millions of lives.   "Nothing beautiful in this world is ever truly lost"~source unknown

The nail art community is banding together to show our support for Talia's family and for the life that Talia lived.  You can find the other Mint Manis via the thumbnails below.


  1. This is beautiful! Crikey she would have loved this wouldn't she! She's been on my mind constantly! What an incredible young lady - a beautiful girl...full of sunshine.

    Thank you for sharing xxx

    Cora x

  2. What a wonderful tribute from some wonderful people!


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