Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glitter Guilty: In a Roundabout Way or OMG! Look at the dots!! Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, folks, have I got some loveliness for you today!  I'm so excited about this's so yummy!  I found Glitter Guilty via facebook (I'm guessing from one of the many giveaways I enter weekly) and immediately fell in love with In a Roundabout Way.  Take a quick peek and I think you'll see why.

In a Roundabout Way is a teal-ish blue jelly completely packed with fuschia, pink, purple, holographic silver, green and blue dots in 2 sizes and liberally sprinkled with fine holographic silver as well.  If you don't own this polish, you should look into remedying that shortly.  Trust me, you NEED this one!

I mean, LOOK AT IT!!  It's squishy and sparkly and full of dots!  Plus it's blue.  That pretty much covers all my check list items.  I used 5 coats here with no undies but, if you're not a crazy person like me, you could definitely layer this over many different colors.  Even using that many coats, I had no application problems.  The formula was perfect, dried quickly and I really did not have to fish for the larger glitters at all, probably because there are just so many of them in there!

Glitter Guilty is a new indie brand to me and I've got to say, if all her polishes apply like this one, she's climbing my list of favorites.  It's always exciting to try something new that turns out to be so fabulous!  At $8 for a full size bottle, they're not only fabulous but totally affordable as well.  You can stay up to date on promotions and new products on Glitter Guilty's Facebook page.  

Don't forget to enter my Birthdanniversary Giveaway...the last day is tomorrow (July 18th)!  Today was actually my birthday and I had a pretty nice one.  Lots of birthday love from my family, friends, and facebook lol  I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday, even if it wasn't your birthday ;)  Thanks so much for reading!


  1. O.M.G! I think I am going to have to break my no buy!!

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday! And if you spent any of it outside, you are a brave soul, let me tell you.

    1. This is where I get into trouble with my no-buy, supplies of awesome indies!
      And no, the only time I've been outside of late is the blessedly short walk from my apartment to the train. Too much muggy! Thanks, Liz!


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