Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Above the Curve: Kiss My Asteroid Chevron Accent Manicure

Howdy everyone!  I've got a beautiful, beautiful polish to show you all today.  I've been really lucky in the giveaway circuit in the last couple of weeks.  I think I've won 6 giveaways this month already, so that's a tip for you...enter all the giveaways!  Anyway,  Above the Curve does a ton of giveaways on their facebook page and, around the first of this month, I was lucky enough to win one bottle of my choice from their current line.  It was really hard to choose just one because they have so many awesome polishes but, in the end, I decided on Kiss My Asteroid.  I'll admit my decision was based partly on the name, cuz, c'mon!  But it's also a gorgeous polish, check it out!

Kiss My Asteroid is a blackened linear holographic polish.  O. M. G. Seriously folks, you NEED this polish in your stash, like, yesterday!  KMA is so, so pretty!

Not only is this polish a visual stunner, the formula is flawless!  Smooth, fast-drying, and opaque in 2-3 coats, KMA is win all around.

My accent nails here are sporting a chevron pattern using Julep's Rebel, a silver scattered holographic polish.  I'll actually be doing a tutorial on how to create this chevron pattern later this week.  I usually use a different method to create a chevron pattern, but the technique I used here is SO much easier and I believe it's my calling to share it with the world!  Be on the look out for that in the next couple of days.

As with most holo polishes, Kiss My Asteroid comes alive in sunlight.  Look at that rainbow yumminess!  

I've ordered a few polishes now from Above the Curve and I just love them!  They're a great indie brand with quality products and wonderful customer service.  You should definitely check them out! 

Thanks so much for reading!

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