Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daring Digits: Holy Fire & Blueberry Blues

Howdy, everyone!  Last day of the weekend, but to be honest, it hasn't been a great one for me (with the exception of sushi and Blizzards last night) so I'm kind of ready for the work week to start.  I have a couple of swatches to show from an indie brand I first heard about via Kimber from Kimber's Laquer Korner.   Daring Digits is an indie brand produces in Albuquerque, NM by a lovely young lady named Ashley.  These two polishes were part of my first order with DD and I'm pretty darn impressed!  On to the swatches!

First up is Blueberry Blues, a white crelly base with bright blue hexes and little tiny glitters in the same shade.  

BB is such a great polish, I absolutely love everything about it!  The formula is wonderful.  I've actually used 5 coats for this swatch to get the opacity I wanted, as it's very sheer.  That said, you could easily layer a couple of coats over a white base if you wanted to. 

Personally, I love the depth the glitter gives to these crellies with a lot of coats.  There was no balding or dragging, I didn't have to dig for the glitter and it dried fairly quickly.  Altogether, I give it 5 stars! 

Next up, we have my favorite of polishes I ordered.  Kimber had swatched this a few weeks ago and I knew I had to have it!

Holy Fire contains copper hexes and flakes in a milky peach crelly base.  Ashley actually has it described as a white base, but my bottle looks quite peachy (and I love it!) so that's what I'm going with.

This is another where I used 5 coats because the depth of DD's polishes is so fantastic!  HF is aptly named, as my nails looked like they were lit from within!  Again, no problems with application or dry time.

If you're interested in Daring Digits, you can currently order them via Big Cartel, though I urge you to follow Ashley's blog or facebook page for updates.  As she works a full-time job as well as turning out her polish as fast as she can, Ashley is changing things up a bit to make her life a little less stressful (more power to you, girl!). So, you may want to order quickly as many of her current collection will be unavailable after she starts her restock schedule.  Additionally, she's currently running a sale; most of her polishes are only $6.50!  Get 'em while they're hot!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Ooooo glitter sandwiches...yum! Holy Fire is really nice :D

  2. I have something similar to Holy Fire - I love the combo of the copper glitter in the milky base. Just beautiful.


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