Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Squares Geometric Manicure

Hi there!  How's everyone doing?  I spent a pleasant evening with a friend having dinner and catching a show.  We went to see American Idiot, which was actually a lot more fun than I was expecting.  If you're a Green Day fan, I'd definitely suggest checking it out.  I don't consider myself a huge fan (in fact, "Know Your Enemy" used to send me running from the pet store where I worked cuz I can't stand it), but the music was fun and the choreography was interesting. 

Anywho, on to what we're all here for; nails!  I am in love with my mani today.  I basically just grabbed a few colors and started painting without a specific end in mind, so I'm pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.  Take a look:

I started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Orange Impulse.  OI is a "true" orange creme.  I think everyone probably has a different idea of true orange, but this one is as close as I've seen to my idea.  After OI dried, I taped off some square shapes and filled them in with Insta-Dri in Blue By! which is a lovely lake blue creme.  The next step was to tape off even smaller squares and fill them in with Insta-Dri's Fast Fuchsia, a bright pink creme with just a touch of purple to it.  My taping skills failed me a bit this time and my edges were a little wonky, so I opted to freehand some lines in with Orly Instant Artist in Yellow Submarine.

All of these Insta-Dri colors were ones I found at Dollar Tree and, as near as I can tell, they're all Limited Edition colors.  It's odd that I can't seem to find a lot about them online, as they're pretty colors, but no one really seems to have swatched them.  In any case if you see them, snag them, they're awesome!

I almost went back in with more tape to make everything "perfect" but, for some reason, I like the imperfection in the lines.  I actually feel a little Jasper Johns-y, though my colors are way off lol

I'm doing my best to bring in the summer with these colors, cuz Mother Nature seems to be having a hard time getting around to it this year.  I'm grateful we're not so flooded here in my neighborhood in Chicago because I know there are folks who have it much worse than me, but damn, I am tired of rain already.  I'm having a hard time remembering what that lovely, yellow, bright thing that usually hangs around in the sky is called...the sun, maybe?  Come back, Mr. Sun...the Windy City misses you!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I loved the imperfect lines so much more than if they were perfect. I think it makes this fun and funky :)
    If only I could share the's so hot and dry here I'm sweating even now (12pm !) I hope the sun goes back to Chicago soon!

    1. Looks like we're in for some sunnier weather this week, although still not super warm. Oh well, I guess I could move somewhere warmer, but I just love this city so much! Thanks :)

  2. I like the look you're sporting - the "wonky" lines make it interesting and unique. Colors look great together.
    Maybe that mani did the trick...forecast finally has no rain for - oh my god - the next 3 days!

    How about that sinkhole?

    1. Crazy ground falling away and sucking up cars! Yet another good reason why I don't have one in the city lol Bring on the sun!

  3. Love this! It totally reminds us of a necklace we carry in our shop! We will share this lovely manicure with a link!

    xo :)


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