Saturday, September 1, 2012

K-S-U Wildcats! Manicure

Howdy, everyone!  In case you didn't know or aren't sports oriented, today is the college football opening day.  Thanks goodness!  I love football.  In particular, I love Kansas State University Wildcats football, and since we're currently winning our game 51-9  we just won our game 51-9 over Missouri State,  I'm thrilled to post my football inspired mani here!

Isn't it cute?!  I started with 2 coats of Sonia Kashuk's Rock Star and added a layer of Purple-xing by Nina Ultra Pro.   Then, I made stencils with blue painter's tape for the "Power Cats" on my thumb and ring fingers.   Power Cats are KSU's mascot symbol.  To make the stencils, I put the tape directly on my computer monitor over the design I wanted to trace.  I traced them with a pen and then moved the tape to a hard surface and used an X acto knife to cut out the stencil.  I waited until the base color was completely dry and then used the stencils to apply some white acrylic paint.  Using a dotting tool and a striping brush, I created the designs on my other nails.

Here's a closer look at the Power Cat design:

I'm so glad we won today!  It was a shaky start but hopefully we'll finish the season like the second half of that game!

As always, thanks for reading!

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