Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oil Slick Manicure

Howdy, everyone! I am so excited about today's manicure, I can hardly contain myself! I first saw these nails on Esmaltes da Kelly (I can't seem to find the specific post, as I initially saw it on Pinterest), but had absolutely no idea how she did it.  I don't speak or read Portuguese and Google's translator feature is less than informative sometimes.  In any case,  I knew it looked pretty darn awesome, so I filed it away in my brain as something to figure out at a later date.  Then, earlier this week, The PolishAholic (bless her for her awesomeness!) posted this. And, now I know how to do it!  Here are my results:

Isn't it gorgeous?? *swoon*  I apologize that I don't have an outdoor photo to show you, I managed to delete them from my camera before downloading them to my computer.  I'll retake them tomorrow, providing the sun cooperates :)

Basically, this is a water marble (see my how-to here) using duochromes instead of cremes.  So simple yet so brilliant, there was no way I was going to figure this one out alone lol  I started with a coat of Sonia Kashuk's Rock Star, my new favorite deep purple polish.  For the marble, I used Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms in Amber Ruby, Ruby Sapphire and Lapis Amethyst (I want to try this with Turquoise Opal, but it's too precious to waste on a first run), China Glaze No Plain Jane and Nina Ultra Pro in Molten Gold.  And you just can't argue with the results! 

Thanks so much for reading!

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