Monday, July 23, 2012


Howdy, everyone!   Super quick post today as I've got to run to work.  But I wanted to get this up this afternoon!

I started with 1.5 coats of Sinful Colors Ocean Side, a denim-y blue with a hint of grey (I'll be wearing this one by itself in the future, so pretty!).  I then added 2 coats of Wet 'n' Wild Fergie in Dutchess.  Dutchess is tons of blue and purple glitter in transparent blue base.  So sparkly and so pretty!  The first 2 photos are without top coat.  I liked the finish on this glitter without a shine on top, it has sort of a semi-gloss to matte finish.  For the second 2 photos, I threw a coat of Seche Vite on top, just to see how it would look.  It looks pretty good, doncha think? 

Thanks so much for reading!

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