Sunday, September 14, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Pretty & Polished, Fall Collection & It's Funnier in Enochian Collection Sampler (Photo Heavy)

*Pretty & Polished products provided for honest and unbiased review. All other products mentioned were purchased by me*

Hello, hello!  I hope everyone is ready for autumn because the indie Fall Collections are starting hit the virtual shelves and there's a lot to love!  I was fortunate to get to swatch from not one but THREE upcoming Pretty & Polished collections and I'll be showing you polishes from two of those collections today.  Both P&P's Fall 2014 Collection and their Supernatural-inspired collection, It's Funnier in Enochian, are currently available for purchase on their site and I'm sure you'll love them all so let's check out some swatches!

I Can Quit Anytime I Want is a polish from the 5-polish collection It's Funnier in Enochian.  I used to watch Supernatural forever ago but I went several years without cable TV and just never got back into it.  That said, it was always entertaining and great for the eye candy!  ICQAIW is a deep, deep brick red jelly (it looked like espresso in the bottle) that dries to a velvety matte finish.  I was very surprised by how much I loved the finish on this one as I don't generally care for mattes (unless there's glitter involved).  However, ICQAIW's finish is so perfect I can't help but love it!

I'm showing 4 coats of ICQAIW in these photos; it is quite sheer and because of that, it's going to be great for layering, jelly sandwiches (as you'll see in a few moments), and leadlighting.  The formula is just about flawless, although my bottle did have a little bit of pigment that was unmixed.  A good shake fixed that problem though and it did not affect my finished swatches at all.  Additionally, because of the matte finish, there's almost no drying time to worry about...bonus!

I mentioned earlier that the versatility of this polish is great, check out the photos below!

I decided to add a coat of Seche Vite to ICQAIW in the photo on the left.  It really brings out that jelly squishiness that we all love so much.  Then, of course, I had to do a jelly sandwich!  I added on coat of Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer's Wedded Bliss and then one coat of ICQAIW with a final coat of SV on top.  Beautiful!  I Can Quit Anytime I Want is available on the Pretty & Polish website for $8 for a full size bottle. This is a beautiful polish, with a lot of versatility and you definitely don't want to miss it!

Take the Long Way Home is the first of the Fall 2014 Collection polishes I have to show you.  An eye-catching gold glitter, TtLWH is greatly changed by light variation.  In bright light, it's a sunny, vivid gold, but takes on an antiqued, burnished color in the shade.  You'll definitely want to check out all the listing swatches on this one to see how much difference the light makes!

TtLWH is fully opaque in 2-3 coats (I'm showing 3 here with one coat of Seche Vite). I always worry that full coverage glitters will be an issue, but TtLWH has a great formula; not too thick or gloppy. Application was a breeze!

Gold is a big color for the fall collections this year (this is the second one I've swatched for the season already) and Take the Long Way Home is a great polish, if you need a full coverage gold glitter to add to your stash!

There is S'more to Life is a crelly glitter polish and I love it!  The inspiration and this polish match up so well!  The creamy, almost white base is the marshmallow with the golden caramel hexes as the graham crackers and deep, chocolate glitters as the Hersey's bar (because it's not really a S'more with a Hersey bar!)...and the total is greater than the sum of its parts, just like the original!

I wore TiStL in 3 coats with one coat of Seche Vite to smooth out any rough glitter bits (not that there were many).  Application was easy, with little to no fishing for glitters.  Just a great polish with a lovely visual payoff!

In addition to being a dead on dupe for its inspiration, There is S'more to Life is perfect for autumn.  The sparkle of gold from the glitter gives it a touch of sophistication that will have you sighing every time you catch a glance of it!  

Last and my favorite of this set is Ninjas Hate Crunchy Leaves...makes sense, right? ;)  This bright glitter topper consists of autumnal-hued glitters in varying sizes.  It's like Vermont in the fall in a bottle! 

NHCL is packed with glitter so I had no trouble getting a good distribution onto my nails.  I chose to show this polish over a candy corn inspired gradient (comprised of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Wet 'n' Wild in Cursed and Get Lucky) because I'm totally jonesing for Halloween already lol  It turned out to be the perfect way to show off this colorful topper, doncha think?  So much fun!

The Fall 2014 Collection is currently available on the Pretty & Polished website and each of these polishes retail for $8.50 for a full size bottle.  Be sure to follow P&P on Facebook as well to keep updated on new releases, sales, and other important info!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!


  1. Your nails look great!
    by the way, I love the layout of your blog :)
    I'm looking forward to read your next article <3

    xx julia

  2. Take the Long Way Home is just WOW!!!
    Awesome swatches too.


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