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Indie Spotlight: Victoria Volainna Polish Designs

*All Victoria Volainna Polish Designs products provided for honest and unbiased review.  All other products mentioned purchased by me*

Hi all!  I've got some lovely polishes to show you today from a new-to-me brand, Victoria Volainna Polish Designs.  I'm particularly excited about this brand because, not only does she make beautiful polishes, she's making them in my home state of Kansas, in a town where I used to live, Overland Park.  We humans always like when something connects us personally to a brand and I don't know of any other indie makers in Kansas, so that makes VVPD kinda special for me.  Yes, I'm a bit silly ;)  

I've got 6 polishes to show you today, so I'm gonna jump right in!

First up is City of Gold.  This turned out to be a surprise favorite for me.  The color in the bottle is a very pale yellow with a bit of shimmer.  On the nail it just comes alive!  There's almost a faint holographic finish to this, although there's not actually any Spectraflair or the like in it.  The color is a beautiful buttery light yellow and it catches the light nicely.

The formula was great, opaque in 2-3 coats and smooth.  It does have a shimmer formula, so you'll want to apply it carefully to avoid that streaky look that shimmers can get, but not more so than any other brand I've worked with.  I'm showing 3 coats in these photos with one coat of Seche Vite. 

City of Gold is going to be a great spring color that will see you into summer as well.  I'm already picturing it as a great pedicure on tanned toes in flip flops!  It'll definitely brighten up your day!

Next up is Naturalne (love the name!), a gorgeous nude shimmer.   I'm generally much more a fan of bright colors on my nails, but this is a very nice nude and would be a great conservative work polish. 

Naturalne was practically a one coater (though I did use 2 coats for these photos) and has a smooth, easy to apply formula.   I didn't have any trouble with dragging or streaking.

If you're looking for a good beige-y nude shimmer, I don't think you can go wrong with Naturalne.

Pandoren Fire Spirit is the glitter bomb of the bunch.  As the name suggests, PFS is a fiery glitter mix of metallic orange hexes, large bright orange hexes, and tiny dark copper glitter all in a yellow orange shimmery jelly base.

PFS is a full coverage glitter polish, meaning you don't really need undies to get opacity and I'm not wearing any in these photos.  I'm showing 3 coats here with one coat of Gothic Gala Lacquers' Smooth Me Over and one coat of Seche Vite.  This will be a bit bumpy if you don't use a good top coat, just because of all the glitter.

PFS has a lot of layering possibilities as well.  Even though it's opaque on its own, I'm planning on trying one coat over a darker color just to see what it looks like.  Definitely a pretty polish!

Warm Chocolate is another of my favorites in this post.  A rich, chocolate-y brown shimmer, this polish definitely calls to mind toasty, sweet beverages perfect for cold winter's night!

Again the formula was almost completely opaque in one coat.  I'm showing 2 coats here with one coat of Seche Vite.  You might notice in the macro shot above, Warm Chocolate has some lovely reddish gold flecks in it that create a great depth. 

I don't have a lot of brown polishes in my collection and after swatching Warm Chocolate, I'm gonna have to remedy that!  In fact, I'm actually still wearing this one because I love it so much!

Linnea Hart is a pretty bright pink shimmer with a hint of lavender in it.  This is definitely a great spring polish, bringing to mind flower petals and pink bunny noses. 

I hate to be all broken record, but again this polish was almost opaque in one coat and the formula was easy to apply and gave me no trouble with streaking or dragging.  I'm wearing 2 coats in these photos topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

In this cold, snowy Chicago winter (and I know it's been a rough winter for much of the U.S.), a polish like Linnea Hart gives me hope that spring will be coming up just around the corner.  

Last but certainly not least is Prima Donna.  This was the polish I was most excited about swatching from the start and it did not disappoint!  Prima Donna is a candy apple red jelly base packed to bursting with a superfine holographic glitter.  We all know I can't resist that holo sparkle and Prima Donna has plenty of it!

*Sigh*...just look at that gorgeous color and those little rainbow-y flecks all over!  Beautiful!  This is by far my favorite of the bunch.  You can't overestimate the power of the perfect red polish and this one might just be it!  I'm wearing 2 coats of this glass-like formula with one coat of Seche Vite.  Once more, this polish is so pigmented that it's nearly opaque in one coat, but I hesitated to call it a creme because of its jelly shine and translucence.  Either way you call it, Prima Donna is fabulous!

*All Victoria Volainna Polish Designs products provided for honest and unbiased review.  All other products mentioned purchased by me*

Overall, I'm really impressed with Victoria Volainna Polish Designs.  She's got some quality core polishes and I'm interested to see where she goes with her line.  If you'd like to try these or any other VVPD polishes, they retail over at Etsy for $7.00 for a full size 13.3 ml bottle.  You can also follow VVPD on Facebook to keep up with new products and other important info.

Thanks so much for reading!

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