Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pink Roses Stamped Manicure

Good evening everyone!  Another late night post from me...what can I say?  I'm a total night owl, plus I don't have to work in the morning.  Don't be too jealous, I have to work Saturday and Sunday so tomorrow is my mini-weekend!  

I'm still practicing my stamping but it's going so much easier these days.  In case you missed my last post on it, roughing up your stamper with a nail file and then cleaning it with acetone/polish remover makes a world of difference! 

These are some different rose designs from a plate I got from Born Pretty Store, #QA55.  I wanted more of an abstract design, so I layered a few stamps on each nail.  I'm kind of loving the outcome!  The base polish is Wet 'n' Wild's Wild Shine in Tickled Pink and I used I Love Nail Polish's beautiful Molly to stamp.  The roses have a nice bit of holographic sparkle when the light hits them.

I'm not really much of a pink girl usually, but I wanted to try something girly and sweet and I'm pretty sure I accomplished it, no?  :)  

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. These turned out fantastic! I need to get practicing on my stamping.


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