Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Slashers, Monsters, Serial Killers, Etc. Manicure

Hello everyone!  As we edge closer and closer to Halloween, I'm seeing some fantastic nail art and manicures out there!  I decided to try my hand at another Halloween nail art contest, this one sponsored by FancyDawn, You Polish, and Lace and Lacquers.  The contest is accepting entries until Friday, Oct. 25th and there are 3 categories; Halloween manicure, Halloween makeup, and Overall Most "Liked".  So, I've got two chances to win, the first in the Manicure category based on judging and the second chance in the Overall category by asking everyone I know to go to FancyDawn's facebook page and "like" my entry...ahem, ahem...hint, hint.  :)  I do hope you guys will vote for me if you like my work!  If you'd like to vote by "liking" this photo here, you'll be my very bestest friend, ever!.  And, after all that, here's what I did!

I hope these guys are all pretty recognizable to you!  I went with a Halloween bad guy theme, covering some of my favorite villains from horror movies.

I'll do a quick lineup for you, in case you can't tell who some of these guys are (I'm also linking to the source photos, so you can see how far off I am lol).  On my thumb and affectionately termed "Pinhead" is the chief Cenobite from the Hellraiser franchise. Pinhead has always had a "good guy" persona lurking underneath his evil facade for me, owing to his letting the girl go in the first movie...that said, I still wouldn't go messing with suspicious puzzle boxes, just in case!

My index finger has become the host for my all-time favorite dream-invading psychopath, Freddy Krueger!  Nightmare on Elm Street made everyone who saw it afraid to sleep and validated my suspicion that little blond pigtailed girls in white dresses are a bad omen.  Freddy has always been a favorite of mine because I love camp and Krueger's dry humor sticks it straight to my funny bone. As you might suspect, given his ornery nature, Freddy gave me the most trouble.  I believe I spent a total of 2 hours on that nail alone, what with starting over 3 times!  He's still not perfect here, but I did manage to get his sneer and his knives down and, overall, I'm proud of him.

Michael Myers, of Halloween fame, has taken up residence on my middle fingernail.  While he has the least amount of personality as a character in this group (imho), this is my favorite design of the 5. That stark black and white contrast is hard to beat.  I mean, I know he's scary what with the whole "never dying" thing, but his soul is just as blank as that Will Shatner mask and throughout TEN movies, the man never says a word.

My next favorite design is Mr. Vorhees from Friday the 13th, who has set up shop on my ring finger.  The archetypical "Momma's Boy",  Jason's iconic hockey mask was originally worn by his Mommy Dearest as she hacked her way through the campers she believed responsible for her sweet baby boy's drowning.  The first Friday the 13th can boast one of the first "twist" endings in horror cinema history, though Jason wins second place in the non-verbosity category.

This brings us to my pinky, a.k.a. "Ghostface" from the Scream movies.  The only killer on this list that is actually an inanimate object, the mask from Scream was worn by many different crazed murderers and won Wes Craven acclaim for "reinventing" the genre; although killing off your top-billed star (Drew Barrymore) in the first scene is definitely a nod to the all-time horror master, Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho, with Janet Leigh).  Scream proved that will all the high-tech nonsense horror creates these days (Shark Night 3D, anyone?), a simple masked maniac with a knife and no apparent motive is still pretty friggin' scary!

Alright, after all that, I hope you all enjoy the manicure!  Everything was painted with polish directly on the nail.  I'd include a list, but I used so many colors I'm not even sure anymore which ones lol  If you do have a moment and feel like it, I'd love it if you went and voted for my entry, by "liking" this photo on FancyDawn's Facebook page.  I appreciate you taking the time to read, though, even if you don't vote!

Thanks so much!


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