Monday, October 14, 2013

Gothic Gala Lacquers 813 Likes Giveaway!

Hi there everybody!  Tons of excitement over here today!  Gothic Gala Lacquers is celebrating 813 Facebook likes with a fantastic 18-winner giveaway!  Five of those 18 prizes are international as well...woot!  Samantha (owner and creator of Gothic Gala Lacuers) has kindly asked me to write up a post for the giveaway since she does not have a blog herself so she can show off pictures of all the awesome prizes.  So let's get going on those, shall we?

4Boys 1Mom Lacquer-Ardell Double Up Lashes, Julep Lotion, and assorted goodies-U.S. only

Accio Lacquer-Assorted polishes and a body glitter-U.S. only

 Anne Kathleen Explore Beauty-one full sized bottle of Linnea-U.S. only 
 Get Nailed Here-Set of Special K Nicole by O.P.I. polishes-U.S. only

 Makeup Assassin-Model City Polish Dark Chocolate Cake cuticle oil & Ghost Stories polish-U.S. only

 Misfits on 8th-DIY Starter Kit-U.S only

 On a Budget Nails-Handmade earrings and ring-U.S. only

 Northern Star-2 cuticle oils-U.S. only

 Philly Loves Lacquer-Winner's Choice of 2 bottles from the All Holo's Eve collection-U.S. only

 Polish Yer Hooves-Winner's Choice of 3 mini bottles-U.S. only

 Star Candy Nails-One bottle of polish-U.S. only

 Over the Top Coat-2 mini bottles of Hit Polish in Spellbound and Turq-ish Delight and assorted nail art goodies-U.S. only
Inner Glow Creations-Set of 2 cup cozies-U.S. only

  Chronically Fantabulous-$15 Llarowe gift certificate-U.S. and International

 A Charming Time-Flower ring-U.S. and International

 Patroozie's Polish-KleanColor Mini Green Addicts set-U.S. and International

 Patroozie's Polish-KleanColor Mini Blue set-U.S. and International

 Gothic Gala Lacquers-Winner's choice of either the Holo Deck Collection or the Valhalla Collection-U.S. and International 

What'd'ya think?  Are those some awesome prizes or what?!  I'm so excited to see who's going to win!  The Rafflecopter widget will accept entries through Nov. 3rd at midnight  and you can enter below.  Thanks so much and good luck everyone!

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  1. Thanks for this giveaway! it's a beautiful opportunity :) I want to tell you that I'm having some trouble with the link to "Get Nailed Here" (FB). i can't find that page on facebook on my own, either!

    1. Hi Carla! The link should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know and good luck!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I can't see this link either...........thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway to everyone involved xx

    4. I still can't have access. The link doesn't appear; I found it through Google but it re-directs me to my facebook page :S

    5. I'm sorry ladies! The link seems to be working for some folks and not for others. Samantha has tried deleting it from the rafflecopter widget and re-entering, but there is still a glitch apparently. You can still get the entries by going directly to the Get Nailed Here Facebook page and hitting the "Like" button and then coming back to the widget here and clicking the "I'm a Fan!" button under that entry . Her FB link is I hope that helps!

    6. Hi! I tried using the link, but that doesn't work for me either.

    7. Irina, I'm sorry but for some people it seems the link isn't working. If you contact Samantha directly on her Facebook page ( with the name you've entered with and your email address, she can manually add you. Sorry for the trouble!

  2. Awesome Giveaway.! Thank you all for the Giveaway!


  3. thanks for the great giveaway! when it said to follow a blog but wasn't specific on how, i used my bloglovin name. and i couldn't figure out what it meant by follow on store envy. i "watched" those stores so hope those entries were okay.

    1. Hi Becky! That all should be fine...thanks for entering and good luck!

  4. Thank you so much for the giveaways. Those are indeed awesome. Oh! How I love to have them all.


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