Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pigtails & Purple Nails: Game Day Manicure

It's Saturday!  And that means it's Game Day!  And that means it's time for Pigtails & Purple Nails!  Enough exclamation points for everyone?  :)  For my new readers, I'm a huge Kansas State University football fan.  I like basketball, too, but nothing gets me like the football.  So, typically every Saturday during college football season, you'll see a KSU-themed mani from me.  I also wear my hair in braided pigtails AND have a specific t-shirt I wear.   I do wash the t-shirt...I'm not THAT crazy.  I know not everyone is into football, but hey, it's my blog! :)  Last weekend did not go well for my Wildcats, so I'm hoping the game against Louisiana Lafeyette tonight goes our way.  It's a rebuilding year *sigh*  The below Bud Light ad pretty much sums up my KSU football nuttiness :)

Ok, enough boring football stuff...bring on the nails!

I've done a skittle manicure showcasing the Wildcats' emblem, the Powercat (that's the design on my middle finger) and our school colors, purple and white.  I made a decal of the Powercat by first applying several coats of clear polish to a plastic bag and then freehanding the design in polish (China Glaze's Grape Pop) on top.  After everything dries completely, you can peel your design up off of the plastic, et voila! Instant decal!  That being said, I actually have some temporary nail tattoo Powercats coming next week.  I don't mind freehanding the little guy, but he's time-consuming and I'm kinda tired of doing it every week lol  My bf says that's cheating, but he's not the one spending 2 hours plus on the decals!

My index and ring finger are sporting a jelly sandwich done with Orly's Charged Up, the perfect purple jelly, and Wet 'n' Wild's Stars & Stripes, a clear glitter topper with holographic stars and bars.  My pinky finger is adorned with my favorite linear holographic polish ever; Cirque's Fascination Street.  FS is also my very first indie polish as well as first linear holo, so it holds a very special place in my heart.  For my thumb, I did a simple glitter gradient with MAC's Vestral White as the base (also the base for my Powercat) and Barielle's Purple Hearts on top.

I'm super happy with how this turned out and I hope this mani will help spur my 'Cats to victory tonight! 

Does anyone else have any superstitious football related silliness that they do?  I'd love to see other football-themed manis (unless they're Oklahoma University related...blech)!  I hope I didn't bore the pants off of any body here, but I'll do my best to keep the football talk limited to one post a week lol  Thanks so much for reading!

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