Friday, August 2, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: 3D Nail Art Stickers

****Product supplied for honest review by Born Pretty Store****

Hello and welcome to the weekend!  Well, almost.  I've managed the day off so I get to start early...woot!  I've got a fun little review for you guys today from Born Pretty Store.  If you're unfamiliar with BPS, they're an online store that sells tons of great beauty products including nail polish and nail art supplies.  Their prices can't be beat and although shipping does take awhile to the States, it's usually worth the wait.

Today I'm reviewing some 3D nail art stickers.  This sheet of gold colored nail art stickers includes a few different designs, including stars, hearts, and some pretty scroll patterns.  I was pleased upon opening the package to see the variety of designs and had a few ideas straight away on how to use them.   For this manicure, I went with a kind of art deco feel by using the little scalloped shapes as a half moon design and adding a larger sticker on my accent nail.  I started with 2 coats of Cobalt by Nina Ultra Pro (which I should do a separate post on, cuz it's frickin' gorgeous!) as a base color.

The stickers were easy to peel off the plastic backing using tweezers and they were easy to place on the nail.  The instructions on the packaging recommend applying base color, letting it dry, placing the stickers and then adding at least 2 coats of top coat to seal the design in.  I did follow those instructions for this manicure, but I'd suggest a little change for future use.

With the suggested method, I found the edges of the stickers kept wanting to curl up, even with 2 coats of Seche Vite.  After some experimenting, I found if you apply the stickers when your base color is still a bit tacky, the sticker edges adhere better and the end result looks nicer.  You could also let the base color dry and then apply one coat of top coat and then adding the sticker while that coat is still tacky.  After 2 coats of top coat with either of those methods, I was much happier with the outcome.  Placement is a little trickier with these methods, you won't be able to move the stickers without smudging your base coat, but that still beats the edges of the stickers getting caught on clothing all day long!

****Product supplied for honest review by Born Pretty Store****

Overall, I liked these stickers.  I love the variety of designs and how they look on the nail.  They retail for about $5 and, though I probably wouldn't purchase them by themselves, if I had an order going I'd definitely throw them in my cart!

If you're interested in purchasing these or any other products from Born Pretty Store, feel free to use my code YFL91 to save 10%!  

Thanks for reading!

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  1. These look beautiful and they look so good with the blue polish :)


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