Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ABC Challenge: Y is for Yellow and You're Such A Square

Hi, everyone!  I'm starting with a public service announcement here.  As many of you know, Google Reader is leaving us as of July 1st...which, believe it or not, is next week!!  I'm really not sure what this means for everyone who follows my blog via GFC, but if you want to make sure you're updated when I post, you can follow me via Bloglovin'.  The easiest way to do that is to click on the "Follow this blog with bloglovin'" button to the right of this post, or you can go here and click "Follow" as well.  I hope you all will continue to follow me!  And now, on to my ABC Challenge post!

OMG!  We only have one letter left after this week!  I can't believe this challenge is almost over.  Makes me a little sad, I've had so much fun with this.  Anyway, this week's ABC Challenge letter is 'Y'.  I kind of went for the obvious here, but I do like how it turned out.  Take a peek:

'Y' here mostly stands for yellow, although I did use Hit Polish's You're Such a Square, so I managed to get 2 in there!  I started with 2 (ish) coats of Barielle's Lemondrops, a bright, true yellow creme.  My intention was to do a chevron french manicure, so I taped of the chevrons on the tips of my nails and then applied 2-3 coats of YSAS.

YSAS is pretty magical as far as I'm concerned.  It has bunches and bunches of several sizes of squares in every color of the rainbow, including holographic, all packed into a clear base.  Y'all know I love my dots, but these squares are adorable!   You'll also notice that my chevron tips didn't really work out too well.  The idea is there, but the glitter doesn't give enough definition to the line, in my opinion.  That said, I'm really diggin' this manicure.  It's cheery and fun and from a distance, it just looks like a glitter gradient.

Hit Polish (formerly D&R Apothecary) can be found on their etsy store and Rachel currently has a 20% off sale going.  There are some real beauties up there, including YSAS, so be sure to check her out!

I'm looking forward to checking out the other ladies' nails this week.  I'm certain there are more creative creations than mine!  You can find those manis via the thumbnails below.  As always, thanks so much for reading!


  1. Hey, Natalie! Happy Hump Day!

    You know, I have a number of Hits polishes, ut not a single one is a glitter.

    You're Such a Square is new to me, and boy do I love it! I'm headed over right now, to catch the sale. Squeeee! :)

    Lovely mani, Natalie!


  2. I absolutely love the square glitter! It's so adorable and unique! I love your chevron tips; I think they turned out great!! Awesome job as usual:)

  3. So bright and cheery! That glitter is awesome! :)

  4. :D Funny how similar yours and mine are without having used any of the same polishes!!!
    Of course, I love your mani ;) hehehe!!

  5. Beautiful! I love those squares =D

  6. Perfect for summer! Love how bright that yellow is and the glitter polish is amazing!

  7. Love this! You were much more creative than I was, and had a lot better luck than I did with yellow.

    And I love the square glitter!! Such a unique idea!

  8. What a beautiful polish! So colorful and funny!

  9. What a nice bright mani! Love the yellow with the multi colored glitter!

  10. That glitter!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Love!~


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