Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ABC Challenge: N

Howdy, everyone!  I am so excited about today's ABC Challenge post, I can hardly stand it!  I've been waiting on some nail mail, I'd hoped it would show up yesterday because I like to my Challenge posts the night before if I can.  USPS disappointed me (yet again) and it didn't show up until today, but lemme tell ya, I am so glad I waited!  This week's letter is "N" and, as my name starts with that letter, I knew I had to do it up right. I also like to get a few letter-related themes going so let's try this one on for size:

This is my "N"ew "N"ail Pattern Boldness "N"ude jelly'd I do??  I am pleased as punch to have this beauty in my stash!  I've been eying NPB polishes for awhile now and finally decided I had to have some for my "N" post.  So, not only is it a new polish for me, it's a whole new brand for me and I'm in love!

Meet Sir Cumference And The Quadrilaterals.  He's a lovely glitter bomb chock full of turquoise, pink and fuchsia dots in two sizes and white squares in two sizes as well.  Sir sits in a lovely clear base which was a delight to apply, nothing gloppy or thick and the glitters went on super easy.  

I decided to use Sir in a jelly sandwich with 2% Milk by Wet 'n' Wild.  I started with 2 coats of 2%, followed by 2 coats of Sir and topped with another coat of 2%.  I cannot stop looking at my nails, and you know you've got a great mani when ALL the photos you take of it just sing!

I mean, look at it!  LOOK! AT! IT!  The downside is that this is my first dot glitter and, much as I feared, I'm in love with those little circles and must now own all the circles.  Any polish made with dot glitter must be mine, it's just a fact of life *sigh*

So, aside from the major hit to my wallet that is in my near future, Nail Pattern Boldness is fabulous and I will definitely be ordering more from Allison as soon as I've got the wiggle room in my budget to do so.

In other news, my Sinful Colors giveaway has ended and I'll throw a quick post announcing the winners up tonight, so be on the lookout to see if you've won!

Please take a minute to check out all the other lovely ladies participating in the ABC Challenge.  They're all so talented and sweet!  You can find them via the thumbnails below.  Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the simplicity and its so unexpected!

  2. I'm loving this soooooo much, and it being over a nude base. OMG. OMG. OMG. Can you tell I'm enthusiastic? OMG!

    Nothing better than circle glitter!



  3. Own all the circle glitters!!! This is so pretty, milky jelly sannies are my fave!!!

  4. I adore circle glitters. If you want a great black with rainbow circle glitters, check out More Dots from Daring Digits! It's my fave. I really need to show it on the blog soon!

    That said, this is AWESOME!!! I am loving nudes, and I live for glitter, so this is perfection! Isn't NPB amazing? I only have 6 from NPB (thanks Gini!) but they are incredible. the formula is to die for!

  5. Awesome manicure!! I was just looking at that NPB polish yesterday and thinking that I need it in my life. Now you have convinced me, I REALLY do need it :D

  6. I am glad I'm on a square glitter kick right now, or I'd be ordering! But I do have her store Etsy store tabbed in my favorites.
    Walgreens & Meijer have Wet 'n Wild on sale - buy 1 get 1 50% off - right now, so I may have to get 2% Milk. It's been shown in this challenge before, and it looks like a perfect nude color.

  7. This is such a cute combo of glitters, loving the circles and those sexy squares! :)

  8. It's gorgeous, and the name is cracking! Haha, why can't all brands come up with names like this?

  9. Love this!! I LOVE all the new circle glitters, I was kind of getting tired of the hex, but now I want to own them all, too!!

  10. Ooooh that Jelly Sammich looks so amazing! Those circular glitters are to die for <3

  11. The polish itself is super cute but its name... Its name! It's too funny, I can't stop laughing!

  12. NPB was my very first try at Indie polishes. Needless to say I am addicted to Allison's creations! Her polishes are like crack! I need more all the time! LOL I wish I had gotten this one since I just adore circle glitters!


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