Thursday, January 10, 2013

SMD-Revlon's Popular

Hello, hello! 4 days in a row of posting, it's almost unprecedented for me!  I'm sure I'll lapse back to irregularity soon, so enjoy it while you can.  

The polish I have for you today is a special one.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I lost a very good friend in November.  Over the last few weeks, we "Chicago Girls" have been helping Shannon's parents clean out her condo and go through her things.  Shannon had a love of fingernail polish, not as crazy as mine, but above average for sure.  While organizing her place, we came across her stash, which I have now inherited.  I've decided to do a weekly swatch or nail art with her polishes as a sort of tribute.  Her taste in polish differed a lot from my own, so there are quite a few colors that I would not have purchased for'll be good to try something different and I think she'd like that they're being used. 

So, my first SMD Stash manicure is with Revlon's Popular.  Take a look:

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Popular is a soft baby pink polish with silver hex and micro glitters mixed in.  It is the epitome of "girly".  I used 3 coats in these photos and I thought the coverage was good, as well as the formula itself.  I had a hard time getting used to this color on me, it's just so far from what I normally wear.  After about a day of wear, it did grow on me although I do think it's a color better suited to a darker skin tone.  It was fun to try something different in any case. 

Here's another look:

I think this has some great nail art possibilities for future manicures.

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